Further Proof that the DROID Bionic Could be Launching August 4th?


August 4th is one of those dates for the DROID Bionic’s arrival that seems to be sticking. According to a new internal document, the device should in fact be arriving on that day for all to buy. Stores will be getting the devices in on the first of August to prepare for stocking, and the marketing materials will be in at the end of this month, if this document is to be believed. I somehow don’t see anything holding the DROID Bionic back from a grand release this time. And the fact that the 4th is a Thursday makes us very optimistic that this one has legs. In the words of the great Bart Scott, can’t wait! [Droid-Life via AndroidForums.com]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. There’s a grammatical error – “Its” should be “It’s”

    1. Don’t point out errors! I want to belieeeeve!!

    2. NERD

  2. I spoke with a verizon customer rep today and asked about the bionic. She said she had heard august was a possibility but wouldn’t commit to any set answer. Gave me a glimmer of hope though. This just adds a little more hope to that. I hope I’m able to have the Bionic in my hand within 10 days!

    1. A friend of mine who works for Motorola just informed me that it will be coming out end of August. (I just hope he was playing a dirty, rotten trick on me!)

    1. es

  3. Drove past a Verizon store about an hour ago and saw the manager and an employee closing up for the night. I rolled down my window and shouted, “Hey man, when’s that Droid Bionic coming out?!” The manager smiled and paused for a moment, then responded “Christmas!”
    I took the grin and delayed response as a “sign” that the phone may be coming super soon.
    Wishful thinking, right?

    1. Take the smile to be just that. He’s trying to play it cool but deep down, he’s tired of people asking him a question that he doesn’t truly know the answer to.

  4. I think we should shorten the name to Bi.

    Just Droid Bi.

  5. i spoke to a verizon rep the other day, who told me that the reason the bionic keeps getting delayed is b/c the battery keeps over heating at odd times, like when you use the camera.

  6. I read from someone that asked a Verizon employee that they confirmed it should be released on a Thursday. I’m hoping for the 4th, next week is a totally okay launch wait for me.

  7. All the delays have me worried. Feels like they keep adding more tape, bandages, and super glue to get this device to work properly. I was planning to upgrade on the release date, but now I am going to wait a few weeks until I can get solid feedback.

  8. This is going to be a hard decision. Get the Droid3 that will hopefully be getting a game gripper, get the droid bionic, or the Galaxy S2….?

  9. What I don’t seem to understand is why not at least give us a definitive specs sheet, so we can at least compare and contrast with phones such as Samsung Galaxy S II (aka: Function). I really don’t understand what the secret is? It is what it is, and whatever hardware specs it has it has. If the specs are not equal or better than Samsung’s Galaxy S 2’s then state so either way, so people can move on. After the longest wait ever for a phone all the way from the beginning of the year, it would be a shame that Motorola in their infinite wisdom wouldn’t have at least made an attempt to be on equal footing with the Samsung Galaxy S II. i.e. At least a dual core with each core pumping out 1.2GHz and 1GB or RAM. After all this wait, if Motorola doesn’t produce these specs that the Galaxy S II has had internationally for the last 3 months, then it’s goodnight to Motorola. They cannot even dream of competing, if the Bionic took them over 7 months to allegedly perfect and make competitive and their specs don’t even mirror a phone that has been out for 3 months already, then shame on Motorola. ~ By the way I’m not anti – Moto. I am a proud owner of an OG Droid. I’m just tired of the games!!! We do live in the “information age.” Lets get on the ball Moto!!!

  10. If it doesn’t come out on Aug 4th, it’s the samsung function on Aug 12th for me. Tired of waiting! Motorola had the juice in January but now I fear the phone will be out dated by the time of release.

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