Samsung SGH-T859 to be a T-Mobile Tablet?


A device modeled Samsung T859 has gotten WiFi certification and thanks to the certification documents, it’s been revealed as a tablet. The only thing that comes to mind is either the Tab 8.9 or Tab 10.1, of course. Its model number suggests it’ll be headed to T-Mobile, but aside from the fact that the thing will obviously have WiFi radios inside, we still don’t know much. What do you folks make of it? [Cellphone Signal]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wasn’t there supposed to be a 7″ with LTE capability coming out?

  2. What about the samsung player? Could this be that? If not when will the Player be here, does anyone know?

  3. still waiting on GB for my 7 in tab from tmobile.

    1. Why are you waiting? I flashed the Euro Rom minutes after buying my P1000 at a TMO kiosk at the mall in May. I left the mall food court with Gingerbread running like a dream. Stock Gingerbread…only in Italian…just had to change the language under system to English. This is the same procedure (minus flashing the stock T Mobile modem from XDA Developers) as you would do when it comes to America, so again, why are you waiting?

      Step-by-step video instructions on Youtube.

  4. Another wi-fi only tablet from a carrier? Where are the people buying these? I have a bridge and some seaside property in Arizona to sell them.

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