HTC EVO View 4G to Launch Alongside EVO 3D June 24th?


June 24th is starting to sound like a very popular date. First, we let word go that the sequel to Sprint’s biggest flagship phone is said to be here June 24th by RadioShack, and now an internal shot from a Sprint debit card rewards system suggests the EVO View 4G could be set to come on that same day. Oh, and it looks like that EVO 3D is already in training if that left sidebar is anything to go by. June’s looking like a very eventful month, folks. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. encourage everybody to +1 this.

  2. Evo 3d will rule android definitely…

    1. Let me correct that for you “Evo 3D will rule SPRINT definitely…” NOT all of “Android”. As I have said before, there will be better devices being released later this summer/year on other carriers. Just the way of technology. Everyone gets beat eventually.

  3. has anyone been able to preorder the evo tablet yet?  The stores are repeatedly saying you can’t preorder the tablet- it’s not in the system or something; but the chat reps tell me yes you can.  Wish they’d all get on the same page!

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