Android Overload: Motorola Atrix Now on T-Mobile (UK), Qualcomm’s Quad-core CPU Coming Soon and More


Hello again, everyone! It’s time to get your daily dose of Android Overload. This is the place where all good news stories go to die… Well, sort of. These are just the stories we couldn’t squeeze onto our illustrious front page with all the Android news going on today thanks to Computex, D9 and some little event Qualcomm has been busy with down in San Diego, CA. Speaking of Qualcomm, they’ve been getting a lot of attention lately and it looks like they’ve managed to find their way into the Overload tonight. So sit back, relax and feast on these Android tidbits from today.

  • Qualcomm announces new tri-band WiFi and new mobile wireless chipset [Engadget]
  • Google may be shifting their focus from SD cards, over to Cloud storage [Examiner]
  • Qualcomm says quad-core processors are “coming soon.” [IntoMobile]
  • Motorola’s dual-core Atrix now available from T-Mobile UK
  • The HTC Wildfire S is now available at Bell Canada.
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’ve been using music beta for the past week and I love it, but I’m curious how google is going to handle it. Will they charge for it? Will they make it free for a certain amount of data/songs and then anything more than that they will charge for? I’m wondering how much of a push to the cloud google is going for, because there are something you just don’t want on the cloud.

    On another note. Samsung’s event is later today!!!

    1. Yes and yes. Google will most likely give users a certain amount of “songs” (GB) for free and then charge yearly. Kinda like what Amazon does with their cloud service. Google is convinced that the cloud is the future. Just look at their Chrome OS they blindly hold so dear.

      Woo! Samsung! :D

      1. The music idea I think will catch on. But I wonder how much space they’ll give for free, if it isn’t enough, I probably won’t continue using it. There’s such a big push on carriers to limit data usage allowed and then such a big push from like google and others to consume more. 5GB in a month isn’t enough for me to stream music, I used around 2GB before testing music beta. (All that checking phandroid.com :P)

        But the Chrome OS thing, i’m not so sure about it. I installed it in a VM awhile ago when it first went public, but the thing is, you need something more than just the cloud.

        And yes WOO samsung!! (hurryandreleasethattmobileversionedgalaxys2)

  2. I don’t buy the assertions in the examiner story.  Google’s doesn’t realise data coverage is still too patchy for this to be viable? and that other CEDs aren’t capable of writing to the cloud so SD makes transfer much more simple (think getting images from you DSLR to a tablet)?  Don’t have an alternative explanation for the omission, but this one seems a bit too far of a leap in assumption.

    1. I agree, the SD cards really set android apart from ios, cloud stuff is what ios already relies on. Things like pogoplug just to get increased storage. Also for those budget phones that get 2gb total, their usage would be severely limited.

  3. just got a CLIQ2.

    best MOTO  yet on t-mo usa.

    i fumbled with an ATRIX at an att store a few weeks ago, CLIQ2 is smoother.

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