T-Mobile Confirms Gingerbread Coming to G2x this Summer, Will Fix Software Issues

The T-Mobile G2x has been a bit hard to come by as of late. The carrier gave supply and demand as the main reason they have made the handset unavailable to new buyers, but it sounds like there may still be a bit of truth to rumors that the device was pulled due to quality control issues. According to PCMag, T-Mobile has acknowledged that some users are experiencing random shutdowns and restarts, and they are working hard to provide a software fix for the issue. When might we expect that software fix? Our best bet is as part of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, which TMo has confirmed will be hitting G2x handsets sometime this summer. We’ve already seen a sneak peak at said update with a recently leaked ROM, but boy are we excited for the official version to land. Now only if summer wasn’t such a broad window…

[via TMoNews, BGR]

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  • godrilla

    Its LG’s fault for glitches

    • Matthewallen72

      They make mobile products with issues. Ask anyone on Verizon. That’s what they do. I’d stay away from LG phones like the plague

  • Semianonymous

    Eh. I’ve been running Gingerbread for ages now

  • Nelsonaquino1990

    i got my g2x for 130 using one of my sisters 60% annually employee  discounts. now should i sell the g2x for 450 and get the htc sensation or save for a samsung galaxy s2 or just wait it out and hope for the best… the choicesss

  • Daitron

    Actually it says “BY” summer, and Summer begins June 21st So that means it will be already sent to our g2x’s by June 21st, It didnt say “this summer”.

  • tomnewtn

    2.3.4 on my Nexus One made the battery life amazing so hopefully the same will be true of the G2x

  • Richard Yarrell

    With the track record of LG even with the fact the GX2 is stock they probably won’t see gingerbread till the end of summer.

    • squiddy20

      They’ve got what, 4 months till the end of summer? I’m pretty sure a manufacturer can do an update in 4 months, especially if it’s stock. 

  • Espen Liland

    Still waiting for that shutdown/freeze/reboot fix for the Optimus 2x they said they had pretty much ready to go just before easter. I wouldn’t hold my breath…