T-Mobile: G2x Unavailable Due to Demand


T-Mobile’s gotten back to the community regarding some rumors circulating related to the G2x. Yesterday, it was discovered that the G2x was removed from their online store and was hard to find on in-store shelves, with only traces of it ever existing being several accessories available for purchase.

The original rumor questioned whether or not it was due to quality issues. To be more specific, users have been complaining about random reboots and freezes since the device’s inception, a problem that plagued even the international version, the Optimus 2X. LG has since released an update to address these issues for the Optimus 2X, but couldn’t say if or when the G2x would get it.

Other issues include bad battery life and bad light bleeds at the corners of the device. T-Mobile’s chimed back in to say that it hasn’t been made unavailable due to these issues, though. Instead, it’s in such high demand that they can’t sell it. Here’s their official statement on the matter:

The T-Mobile G2x with Google has been a highly popular device with both customers and employees since its launch last month, and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working with LG to address.

There it is, then. Let’s just hope they really are working on addressing the issues that many have been facing, though.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeah right T-mobile.

    1. quit riding verizon’s clit!

      1. My Nexus S 3G only works on T-mobile so what are you talking about. My favorite carriers from best to worst are:


  2. The demand is simply so high for this poorly constructed, buggy, useless handset that we can’t keep up with demand!

  3. A simple out of stock would have done the job don’t you think.

    1. that’s actually precisely what their web site said yesterday and still says today. “Temporarily out of stock” http://g2.t-mobile.com/g2x

      1. it  was first not being listed in tmobile web site. then later on, after being discovered, they put it back as out of stock.

  4. LG phones = the shittiest phones.

  5. LOL Sounds fishy.I do have to say I must be lucky because I have had no issues with mine. I actually had more problems with blackberry and samsuck

    1. Same here!! No problems and had it day 1.

      1. Unless the back order will be longer than usual.

    2. LG have a long history of failures.
      All their phones sucked (and still do), their TV sucked, EVERYTHING they made sucked.
      It broke in a week or two.
      While Samsung have the best TV’s on the market, the best phones, and many more things.
      Life’s Good my ass-

      1.  Am HTC all the way for phones.. but I will say that a few months ago when I finally decided to replace my 20″ Sony CRT monitor (which just never died, I figured I might before it does).. I went to Best Buy and decided that price would be the last thing I looked at, and I would get what looked the best “to me”.. LG was the one that won me over and I have been extremely happy with it.. It could be that the other monitors on display at the store were just bad examples for their respective companies, or maybe I have a different perspective on what is a good picture.. regardless, that’s how I ended up with an LG.

  6. The only issues with my g2x has been some light bleeding and some bad battery drain. had it since 4/20 launch day. Other then that the phone is extremely fast. Best phone I’ve ever owned. I don’t understand all the bashing. Maybe I got lucky.

    1. Hope you like it then :)
      You aren’t lucky if the phone works, it has been tested after all.

    2. if you have the light bleeding and severe drain then no you aint lucky u got a pos phone thats what u get buying on launch day shoulda bought an htc or sammy with a sammy tho dont expect any kind of customer support or future updates until its severely outdated

  7. They are lying like a dog.

  8. My bet is that LG slowed/stopped production in order to figure out their issues. T-Mobile can say they haven’t “pulled it” because they haven’t… They just aren’t receiving any more stock while LG figures out how to fix it.

  9. after rooting and installing rom, every thing is good 

  10. jumped on the g2x train from the g2… it is a good phone.. the battery could be better, but i use the heck out of my phones and just accept having to charge all the time..i only get the occasional reboots or lockups while charging thing..  but not very often to make me mad (like say a few years ago when i had to battery pull a winmo 6.1 phone every few hours just to get it to work)…this phone is hella FAST.. im happy with it… still have my g2 as a backup though… hope they give us the software fix..

    btw…1 AWESOME dev out there get mad props for the app he put out for this phone
    1) Martin Börjesson for LG O2X Touch LED Notifications
    i kinda missed not having a charge light like on my G2.. but with this app, the touch lights will glow 1/2 dim while charging and then off when full… also, of course the original intention of the app is awesome too.. flashes the touch lights when an email, text, or call is missed… VERY COOL!!!!! love these guys.. free app, but i’d pay for something like this!


    1. Thanks for the bud

      1. Thanks for the link buddy

  11. Well, considering that I went through 4 phones, and shortly after talking to a rep at LG where they told me that there was a “bad batch” of phones that went out… I think that they finally recalled them and are waiting for the new batch to come in.  The store near me has not gotten any new stock for over a month, Amazon was out of stock for a couple weeks as well. I loved the phone.  It was a little buggy, but it was running 2.2 and my nexus always messed up with 2.2 as well.

  12. The title should have read unavailable due to awesomeness, this phone is great

  13. Tmobile makes Verizon look USELESS

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