LG Revolution coming to Verizon May 26, as well?

Verizon’s going to have their hands full on May 26th if a few rumors pan out, the newest of which places the LG Revolution’s launch on that date. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play was just officially announced for release on that Thursday, and you may recall that the Motorola Droid X2 is also rumored to be touching down on the same date. The Revolution and Droid X2 were originally said to be launching side-by-side on May 12th along with the WP7 HTC Trophy. A delay in the release of the Droid Charge may or may not have been the reason behind that date passing without the release of any of the aforementioned handsets.

Best Buy’s inventory listing is showing an in-stock date of May 25th for the Revolution, which would translate perfectly to a 26th release. With the Xperia Play getting its announcement, we’d expect any other handsets coming that day to follow suit with their own press release over the next couple of days.

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  • chris125

    Wonder how the battery will be on this? Also wonder if it has the same issues the thunderbolt had with changing off from 3g/4g. Lets see what LG has.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1204133258 David Gillespie

    chris…no, the Revolution just went through a reconfiguration to improve upon it’s already great battery life!  You will not see similar battery issues as the Thunderbolt on this device!  

    • chris125

       I hope that is why it went through the fcc again but I guess we will find out once reviews start popping up.

    • you wish1

      it went through a reconfiguration to allow the inductive charging because the battery life was just as bad as the thunderbolt considering since it had the exact same processor as the thunderbolt, just less ram, and only beats the thunderbolt’s battery by 100mAmp = not a great battery life. 

  • draconos

    oo please oo please let this be true

  • bimmer

     This phone comes with Bing ,big fail IMO.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

     Verizon seems to be confusing quality and quantity.  If you release 1 crappy phone, I’m not excited.  If you release 50 crappy phones I’m still unimpressed and now I’m a little annoyed.

    • chris125

      Agree I dont understand why verizon can’t just release one “superphone” I mean I know they want to make the manufacturers happy but come on. Or atleast get in on the next nexus and then that will make up for these old tech phones they keep releasing at premium prices.

    • Zerk

       Agreed! I’ve been waiting for a new phone forever being strung along by Verizon’s next great thing – you can find ZERO info on the Bionic and the illusive GS2 won’t be LTE… Verizon needs a superphone or I’m bouncing to AT&T’s LTE.

  • blue waffle

    Damns it Verizon. I’ve had an upgrade since april give me a good phone. X2 with an ffc would have been nice. I don’t really care about 4g since im headed to iraq in nov.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is another great 2010 spec device on verizon. I must admit they are the best with out dated device on that battery sucking LTE network.