Barnes & Noble has a special announcement planned for May 24


What could Barnes & Noble have up their sleeve for May 24th? The retailer just sent out invitations to press for an event to be held in NYC, and it would seem a new device is headed to Nook lineup. Speculation is wavering between a beefed up NOOKcolor or a new version of the original Nook with eInk screen. Regardless, with the recent popularity the Nook has gained thanks to its tablet-like properties, we fully expect Android to be present for whatever the announcement is.

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  1.  I think it’s going to be something big. Maybe this is the reason why Samsung moved their event to June 2nd. 

  2.  Perhaps instead of an eReader, it will be an actual tablet

  3.  I hope they release a cheaper E-Ink display reader, AND a full tablet that costs the same as the color Nook, or just a little bit more..

    Seems like Amazon and B&N are both committing to Android.

    1. Seems like the world is committing to android there is no flexibility or adoption on any other platform.

  4. will they finally add gps to the nook?

  5. It’s going to be a new e-ink Nook. A friend of mine works for B&N designing books and every employee in the entire company was given a free Nook e-ink reader about a week and a half ago. Sounds to me like they are depleting their stock in anticipation of a replacement.

    1. Not true… I work for the company and haven’t seen a nook in my in-box yet

      1. My friend works for the Sterling subsidiary, they went around and handed them out to everyone. 

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