Honeycomb Ported to Notion Ink Adam, But It Isn’t Pretty

When we first heard of the Notion Ink Adam we were hoping it’d eventually get Android 3.0. Unfortunately Google’s limiting who can get a fully-licensed version of the tablet-specific software and is electing not to release the source code. Folks are tired of waiting and have taken it upon themselves to port Honeycomb to the device. Don’t jump for joy jet yet, though – it’s not the least bit ready for primetime.

The video of the port above shows extreme sluggishness and unresponsive controls. There likely won’t be a stable port until Google decides to release the source code for Android 3.0. If you’re growing tired of your Adam and are feeling brave enough, though, head over to Tablet Roms to get your own taste. (Or at least follow the discussion to see what progress is being made.) [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • adamspt2

    Ok, maybe it’s been on this site, but I keep seeing that homescreen everywhere but I’ve never seen what the widgets are for the “Unavailable” and the Email count. Help?

    • Ben Baggley

      It looks like this is actually a port of the ASUS Transformer ROM, they are widgets that come preinstalled along with other customizations by ASUS like the system bar buttons

  • Nlsme


  • moii

    Android is not open source no more :(

    • http://twitter.com/willimobil Bj√∂rn Draegert

      Sorry, that’s rubbish. Google decided to publish the source code later and probably that’s not selfish but helps to get HC only on devices which are made for it. I’m pretty sure it’s not against the ROM chefs but against Chinese companies trying to put HC on cheap tablets which in turn would give the buyer a sluggish or unstable experience.

  • http://tabletroms.com/forums/forum.php AlbertWertz

    Yes, this is the asus transformer rom interface.
    Stay up to date on this by following us at http://www.tabletroms.com (formerly NotioninkHacks.com) We have expanded to include more devices and will begin working and releasing things like this for the transformer soon!

  • ericl5112

    Dear Google,
    I/O would be an awesome time to release source code.

    • http://techdomino.com/ Lucian Armasu

      I wish they did, but unfortunately Google has gotten into the bad habit of trying to squeeze as many features as possible for the announcement day, and then leaving the bug fixing for after that, which means we all have to wait another 1-2 months before the source code is even out. It happened the same for Froyo and Gingerbread.

      I wish they changed this tactic and release it in the day they announce it so people that are excited to work with it, get it immediately.

  • http://www.typhonrt.org/ Michael Leahy

    I actually was not overly impressed with the system tray and general performance on the LG G-Slate regarding stuttering when sliding between the app tray views or different home screens. It’s about 50-60% better than the video above, but pretty bad really as performance on the G-Slate for system navigation reminds me of using the G1 yet on the Tegra 2 SoC… :(

  • jroc74

    “Honeycomb is ported to the Notion Ink, but it isnt pretty”

    Thats fine, the state of the Notion Ink tablet isnt pretty. Ppl calling the launch and the following months of the Xoom a disaster, fail need to remember the Notion Ink.

    THAT was a disaster.

  • Nlsme

    Some people on these forums seemed to hail the adam as the second coming.

  • Sam From Wisconsin

    I have a NotionInk Adam and it is SWEET!!! I was comparing it to one of the new google netbooks today and it blows it away!!!

  • http://mitchs.co Mitch Samuels

    This is great. The cheap Viewsonic G Tablet that everyone bought off Woot has the exact same insides and is made by the same company as the Adam. If honeycomb runs on that, there will be many more happy G Tablet owners also!

  • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

    Oh, wow. It looks just like the Xoom. XD

    • Joe

      Not like my Xoom…mine FLIES.

    • Chris is a f@g

      Wow Chris You aint funny undercover apple fan this is the reason people dont come here as often as before, YOU!!!

  • They could’ve done better

    That could be easily predicted. Did all those who bought this gadget seriously expect any decent support from an Indian startup? I bet you those guys couldn’t care less about talking to Google. And I guarantee they were hoping to quickly sell their brand to someone else, but oops, every big player is developing their own tablet.

  • Joe

    Wait…you mean somebody was dumb enough to actually spend real, genuine money (i.e., legitimate currency) on the Notion Ink Adam? LOL. That sucks…for them.