Hit-and-Run Victim Captures Crash on His Android Phone


Every time Nic Bender gets in his car, he mounts his Android phone on his dashboard and sets his camera to record. He thought it would be a good idea in case he ever needed to prove his side of the story following an accident. Little did he know that what might seem like an obsessive habit would actually become the biggest piece of evidence in a hit-and-run accident Bender was the victim of.

While driving away from dropping off his son at daycare, the Knoxville resident’s car was clipped by an unknown driver who sped away following the accident. The entire incident was captured through the lens of Bender’s Android smartphone thanks to DailyRoads Voyager, an app that acts like a blackbox for your car. The app automatically records video and photos of your driving journeys, but only saves important events based on user input or the sudden shock caused by an accident.

The perpetrator of the crime has not been captured, but police are using the video as evidence to aid in their investigation. If you want to keep track of your own driving, hit up the Android Market link below.

Android Market Link: DailyRoads Voyager

[via WBIR]

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  1. WIN!! :D

    1. more like fail because you cant even see the license plate number. he needs a new phone HAHA.

      1. Looks to me it’s because there isn’t one. Looks like there’s a temp tag taped inside the top left corner of the back window, but in TN the only legible text on a temp tag is the date it expires, so it doesn’t matter how good the camera was.

        I bet if they had a real plate you would have been able to read it just fine.

  2. “Please note he had both hands on the wheel when driving”…. yeah because the average driver does that anyway, LOL.

  3. Is that a Droid X?

    1. It’s a Droid 1.

  4. If he “makes a habit” of doing this, he should have known from previous footage that license plates weren’t visible. The car that clipped him wasn’t going very fast and if it were me, I would have chased after the guy, or at least followed him far enough to get their license plate number.

  5. hah
    ‘zoom – ENHANCE!’


  6. Glad my license plate couldnt be seen.

  7. Im surprised he didn’t get the plate # as soon as the car was taking off, I would have.

  8. Maybe it would be better if he had an app that told him to check his mirrors.. not saying this accident was his fault, but probably could have been avoided with a little more defensive driving.

    1. Absolutely my first thought. Maybe if he wasn’t thinking everything is all loddi dah and ok because he has his app to save the day. He would’ve payed more attention to future threats. This actually looks like he could’ve seen the guy pulling out and moved over but because he’s busy picking his nose he didn’t make any precautious maneuvers. This app doesn’t negate the fact that some moron really does this. By the way its not his fault but could’ve been avoided like you said.

      1. really, there’s NO way for you to say “it could have been avoided” . . . all you see is the car clipping his. they could have been driving normally all the way up until then . . . without seeing what happened before, you can’t make any assumptions about the possibility of avoiding this incident.

        1. If he hadn’t been a slow-ass in the far left lane the clipper wouldn’t have had to pass the guy on the right.

          1. To be fair it was a turn lane. They weren’t on the freeway.

  9. He’d be better off just mounting a small camera to his dashboard. Not only would it look better, but it would also be a lot more convient for him.

  10. so no one noticed this car has no plate, see the temp tag in the rear window?

  11. HAHAHA! This is where I live!

  12. I was expecting a flaming wreckage…kinda dissapointed

  13. isnt this illegal? taping other people?

    1. Anything done in public is to be assumed as public. Same goes for you being photographed while being outside.

      I think the limitation is if you make a profit on it, but your privacy is out the window if you’re in public anyways.

  14. At least he can prove to his insurance company that he wasn’t at fault. Wish I had that when some jerk backed into me in a parking lot and then claimed I hit him.

  15. @dawankler #3. EXACTLY! Left to pass, or stay right. He deserved to get nailed. He’s an azzwipe.

  16. That’s a great way to get your phone stolen! Leave it on the dashboard for car thieves to see!

    1. Cause he probably leaves it in there when he isn’t driving.

  17. Help fund a hit and run victim! http://www.gofundme.com/4wq2c

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