Verizon Begins Roll Out of HTC Thunderbolt Update


Here ye, HTC Thunderbolt owners. The software update we first caught wind of last Friday is now rolling out, according to Verizon’s Twitter account. The roll out will take place in stages, as per usual. If you don’t get it right away you will simply have to wait for the update to be pulled down to your handset and the installation prompt to appear.

Once installed, the update will bring along enhanced 3G connectivity, improved GPS response, and fixes for messaging bugs. Let us know when you get yours.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. got mine… sike

  2. It’s hear ye not here ye :)

  3. You know this was canceled do to ‘issues’

  4. A day late and a buck short

    1. Two days late and a cancellation short

  5. Its ‘hear ye’, not ‘here ye’. I know this isn’t a professional site, and your grammar and spelling is the worst of the bloggers, but seriously, are you in 2nd grade or retarded?

  6. I have to do this. Mr. Yeahright, you need attention. If you are going to grammar Nazi, at least do it with proper grammar.

    It should read:

    It’s ‘hear ye’ not “hear ye”. I know this isn’t a professional site and your grammar and spelling is the worst of bloggers; but seriously, are you in second grade or retarded?


    I am married to an English teacher.

    Really though, who cares? This is the interwebs. I want my wtfbbqsauce all over the page. I don’t care if it’s proper or not. They don’t make millions of dollars doing this. This isn’t Time Magazine nor is it your local paper. The information does not change because of a tiny grammar issue. If you want, get your inside men and try to one up them. Phandroid remains a great site. GET OVER IT!

    Thank you Phandroid for your constant generally accurate information. I love you.

    PS. deos anoyne hvae thier updtae yet?

    1. Yes, I konw taht pleope olny sacn the frist and lsat ltetres of a wrod, tihs is why it is not hrad to raed. A sduty was dnoe on tihs yreas ago shwonig tihs is how pleope raed. However, isn’t it a bit self-defeating by even dignifying the troll’s post with a multiple-paragraph response/correction? There is a saying “Don’t feed the Trolls.”
      Regarding the subject matter of this article: I have not yet seen any update notifications, but I have yet to check and see if the current ROM-of-the-day has notification block built-in. Eastern/SE Pennsylvania.

    2. Actually, the punctuation goes inside the quotes, and using a semicolon does nothing, except show that you’ve gone to college, according to Kurt Vonnegut, who also said that they are “transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing.”

  7. I’ve had mine for over a week now. Rooted running Das BAMF 1.6

  8. Old story, refers back to the 3rd. Update has since been postponed. I thought folks had new news, but apparently not :(

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