Motorola XOOM Camera Connection Kit is Now Available

Motorola’s made available their Camera Connection Kit for the XOOM. It’s nothing but a short cable that’ll let you transfer your camera’s content over to the internal storage inside your tablet. I’m not sure if I’d spend $20 on this thing considering how easy it is to transfer images to the XOOM, but it may be convenient for some of you. This one’s only available through Verizon customer service, though, so give them a call and let them know that you want whatever is tied to the following SKU – MOTMZ600ADPKIT. [Thanks Jeffery!]

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  • 4G_Or_Not_4G

    looks like a short version of the USB cable I use today???

    Like my longer version better

    • Steve Edson

      It has a female connector at the other end, so you can connect it to your camera and transfer pictures straight off the camera without the need for a computer.

  • Itchy_Robot

    freaking lame. why is standard usb not supported? Seems like these tablets are moving away from the vanilla Android phone standards … the whole reason I wanted an Android device in the first place.

    • Matt

      You guys don’t seem to understand what this is. It allows you to connect devices like your camera, usb hardrive, and other devices directly into the Xoom and it will recognize those devices and allow direct transfers between them. If you want to transfer files directly from your computer to your xoom, you don’t need this cable.

  • Atlas

    When is the next Xoom article going to be “Xoom now $399!” Then people will start caring again about it. But even at $399 I like the Asus and Acer better.

  • Motorola sux

    I’m sure the 4 people who actually bought a Xoom are thrilled. Motorola should just buy back the Xooms they sold and forget this debacle ever happend

  • Tim

    You will need the upcoming software update for this to work.

  • shingi_70

    Apples camera kit is far more pratical then this

  • Guest

    Why cant wa simply have our Micro SD card slots working? I can then swap my Micro SD between my Camera and Xoom and copy my pics over (if I ever felt the need to do so).

  • DroidRiffic

    That’s just a plain micro usb host cable. You can pick one of those up for 4 bucks or less.