Google Nexus Twitter Teases Surprise Coming Today


Just what could the Google Nexus team have in store for us today? A tweet going out to their official account about an hour ago teases a surprise is in store. We know the Nexus S 4G is coming to Sprint on May 8th, so we doubt the news relates to that particular announcement. Could the Nexus S be getting picked up by another carrier? AT&T, perhaps? Is there an Android update awaiting owners of Google’s second love child with a top handset manufacturer? Or maybe the surprise won’t be so surprising at all and we are reaching too far here. Your guess is as good as mine, as Nexus-related rumors have been pretty quiet these past few weeks. What do you think will be announced?

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  1. verizon!

    1. That would be cool, but I highly doubt it. Verizon chose the Droid Incredible over the nexus one last year.

      1. No…they were never given that choice. The Nexus One was never slated to be a CDMA phone due to the restrictions of the network.

        1. it was infact “slated” as sprint had it in their lineup before they announced the EVO

          1. I remember, I was going to switch to Sprint if they did get it.

        2. Hi you must be new to Android. Welcome to the community. Verizon was one of the first carriers that was going to get the Nexus One, here is a screen shot of the Nexus One website when I bought mine back in January 2010: http://androidandme.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/nexus-one-order.png

          1. Thanks for posting that link, jdog. I was 99.999% certain that the Nexus One was slated for VZW, but I didn’t have time to look for links.

          2. yeah then they changed it to VZW now offering the droid incredible that is very similar to the nexus one

    2. Only if Sprint and Verizon start using GSM like everyone else on the planet.

  2. 2.3.4 with video calling is the only rumor I’ve heard about, and I doubt it’s that.

    1. Yes it is, they just tweeted it. :P

      1. video chat isn’t the surprise though.

  3. After the article about ATT bending customers over when using a tethering feature, I highly doubt ATT is going to invite a phone into their lineup that has the ability to tether without any modifications. Hah, ATT. You are silly Kevin.

    1. I guess you don’t recall the Nexus 1… AT&T never invited that phone into their lineup. Phones don’t have to be purchased on-contract.

  4. A Nexus Tab would be interesting to see, but I doubt it. At least today.

  5. I hope it isn’t something stupid, like a Nexus 3D. I’m so sick of the industry pushing 3D more than people actually want it. I don’t knock anyone who enjoys 3D, but, to me, it is and always has just been a gimmick to look at for about 5 seconds, think “That’s pretty neat.” and move on.

    1. Amen to that. Personally I think if Google really want’s to knock our socks off, they’ll announce the next Nexus device, and tell us that it’ll be rolling out to all major carriers by fall.

  6. The version of Nexus S compatible with AT&T HSPA frequencies has been available in Canada for a couple of weeks now. So if that’s the news it is not much of a surprise for Canadians.

  7. hopefully announcing a new nexus made by htc, not bullshit samsung.

    1. super mega longshot, but still.

    2. HTC has gone to shit.

      1. ?!?! Please explain…

    3. Im with you. I don’t trust samsung yet. They’ve got a lot to prove. Im still waiting for a decent replacement for my htc eris. A true follower of the original nexus one would fit the bill quite nicely if I could get it on Verizon.

      1. that’s pretty much exactly how i feel. samsung has to make up a lot of ground before i even CONSIDER buying one of their products. i want my phone to feel solid, not like a cheap, plasticky mess. also, i would love a nexus on all carriers so everyone could enjoy it.

        1. Samsungs tech is out of the world. But the phones do feel cheap. After an otterbox it really does not matter , but Only a set amount of the phone users are going to be putting heavy cases on it.

        2. You don’t want a cheap plasticky mess? Have you seen anything that HTC has been doing for the past year and a half? The Nexus is not the only good phone in existence.

      2. A replacement for the Eris? Uh any phone within the last year.

      3. a Decent replacement for the hero? there is an ocean of replacements for that phone.


  9. Maybe some ice cream for current Nexus owners…

  10. Droid 3 or “Bionic” anyone? I can only hope.

    Im going with ATT getting it. Most likely scenario

    1. Umm, it’s going to be a nexus related, not droid, since it is the nexus twitter account.

      If it was a new Droid it would be on verizon, not AT&T, since they own the “Droid” trademark.

      1. Its actually Lucas Arts that own the trademark. VZW just licensed it. The point of your post still stands though.

  11. I say Nexus Tablet

    1. We know it is coming, this was my first thought too.

  12. Maybe they’ll finally announce Android version uniformity across all capable devices! Maybe right after that they’ll announce that they’ve discovered a magical land on lollipop lane where we can run through the gumdrop forest and ride unicorns hither and yon. UPDATE MY FRIGGIN INCREDIBLE ALREADY! CRIMONY!

    1. Do it yourself. It seems as though your whining is aimed toward the Google Nexus team when you clearly just stated that you have an Incredible. If so, please stop blaming Google for your carrier and manufacturers shortcomings. Thanks.

  13. My vote is Google Talk Video!!!

  14. The a quad core Nexus 3 by the end of the year.

  15. Nexus Tablet perhaps?

    1. Please, please, please. At a reasonable price point

  16. Nexus 3 :) what should have been the nexus s

  17. Please, please let it be GTalk video calls on the Nexus S.

  18. Apple and Android merger.

      1. OMG! So funny! A South Park reference! Just by making that reference, it’s like you get to be funny and clever and irreverent and awesome just like Matt & Trey! Wow!

    1. iPhAndroid

  19. LG will make the next nexus but no way this is that announcement. Gtalk video calling is a possibility, considering its already in honeycomb. And with all these other video calling apps bringing new updates, I think google wants to get in on that game sooner rather than later. But it won’t do shit for my N1 so I really hopes its something else.

  20. The royal wedding will be streamed via a Nexus phone?
    Royal wedding branded Nexus?

  21. music

  22. My guess is either a nexus tablet or nexus 3 but could easily be some update to an app or android version

  23. nexus s on at&t at 4g speeds and in white.

  24. free nexus’s for everyone who turns their iphones in. no matter the shape.

  25. Stick a card slot in it (like they should have done in the first place) and save me from an Atrix..

  26. 2.3.4 w/ Google Music?

    1. Thats what I am thinking too.

  27. Maybe a keyboard laden Nexus?

    1. I like the way you think!

      1. I like they way they think too!

  28. Android 2.4 is my Guess. or 2.3.4

  29. Could be Google Music launching on NEXUS devices running Gingerbread

  30. Guessing either an update or a nexus tablet. Hoping its the former.

  31. Sprint google voice ….

    1. How about Google Voice for everyone! Not just for people in the USA!

      1. But we are all that matters…


  33. whatever it is i just hope it will be good for my aging nexus one instead of just the newer nexus s

  34. an 8-core device with 64 gigs of RAM and 12 TB’s memory. a 900 Mega Pixal Camera with a 3D FFC and it also wipes your A** for you! yeah but I’m holding out for something better.

  35. a phone made by htc

    1. Yeah right! That would actually be good news… Don’t get your hopes up.

  36. A Verizon Nexus S please! *crosses fingers*

    1. I would love a Verizon Nexus S!!

  37. Nexus Kindle Tablet

    1. I’ve been thinking that Amazon would be producing a Nexus type tablet when the rumors about an Amazon tablet started to surface.

  38. Probably something half baked they made yesterday and will fix in 4-6 months.

  39. 2.3.4 OTA in the next few weeks, but that’s not the surprise!

  40. all followers get a free nexus s. Thats my guess/hope :-)

  41. They finally brought picture messages to google voice.

    1. I hope that is the surprise.

    2. Something like that wouldnt be on the google NEXUSSSSSSSSSSS twitter account. That would just be a statement on idk googles page or an update in the market. This has to do with the Nexus line because its on the google NEXUSSSSSSSSS twitter account.

  42. Don’t forget!! LG was going to make the Nexus Tablet (temp. name), and try to have it kome out by this summer. That was uber awesome!! That’ll be the perfect tablet for errbody!! LoL!!

  43. Please Google: Announce that you convinced AT&T to drop TMobible takover and you are buying them instead. Oh, and get voice roaming agreement from AT&T too.

  44. I put it to you all that no one should own the “Droid” name, that it is an obvious eventual abbreviation. (Kinda like “app store”) Just like naming your android Andy. OMG, nobody better licence “Andy” before I do.

  45. The announcement will be related to something that has to do with Nexus Ex: Nexus Tablet, Nexus 3/S 2, Next Update. Thats why the tweet was made on the Google NEXUS twitter page and not any other page. Stop thinking all of these irrelevant things like Gtalk video calls, pictures in Gtalk etc../

  46. It’s after 5pm on the left coast, so when are we gonna hear?

  47. Has anyone thought about the implications of this: PSTN call to Google Voice to Google Talk Voice = No carrier required for incoming or outgoing phone calls. Couple that with the SIP trials at sip.voice.google.com or whatever, and the shutdown this month of Gizmo5. I suspect the surprise is a carrier independent, not exactly a phone device like a Nexus Player (think iPod touch). It would have Bluetooth voice calls to ANYWHERE. And it would play into Google Music’s plans like hand-in-glove.

    I think a Nexus Tablet is a longshot since XOOM is still the flagship Honeycomb baby and way too new, unless the Nexus Tablet is a remodel of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (unlikely) or is the long rumored 10″ HTC Flyer (more likely, since Nexus S has sullied the Nexus name).

    If they’ve decided its time for a new Nexus phone model, let’s hope it’s future-proofed on hardware bands (T-Mobile G2X, I’m looking at YOU) and that means eventual LTE support without having to send in your hardware for replacement (XOOM, I’m looking at YOU).

  48. Android 2.3.4 on my sexy nexy… Im gonna miss my nexy when the Sensation 4G comes out

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