Skype Update Patches Security Hole, Adds 3G Calling Too


Skype wasted no time in getting an update out for their Android app after a security vulnerability exposing personal data was uncovered last week. The new version of Skype ( became available this morning with a patch in place to cover the security hole, namely a change in permissions for access to the database where personal info is stored. As one might assume, the fix only counts for the official release of Skype, so if you are using the leaked video variant you are still exposed.

But wait, there’s more! Skype has thrown in 3G calling for all US devices, regardless of carrier, in this latest update. Calling over a cellular network had long been a Verizon exclusive feature but can now be accessed anywhere in the US. No more Wi-Fi necessary.

We applaud Skype’s timely response to security concerns rolled in with a much desired feature. Find the updated version of Skype for Android in the market now.

Android Market Link: Skype


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  1. Where’s my video calling!

  2. you can video call with the droid thunderbolt, you just have to download the leaked app on fourshared

    1. The TB Skype app is designed specificall for the TB and does not work on any other phones. So no go for the rest of us that’s not on Verizon.

    2. But this version is the one without the permission and security patches… just beware.

  3. I love Skype and I hope they bring video chat to all carriers as well.

  4. Video calling? I would settle for access to voice mail and notification of calls missed while offline. Without those features I have no way of knowing if I’ve missed a call while my phone was offline or out of range.

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