T-Mobile G-Slate Available Now on Amazon


We just reported moments ago that Amazon had jumped the gun and released T-Mobile’s G2X a few hours early, and it looks like they’re at it again with the LG G-Slate. Although the G-Slate can be purchased right now through Amazon, it wont actually ship until tomorrow.

The G-Slate is essentially the world’s first 3D Android Tablet and follows LG’s Optimus 3D in taking Android beyond 2D. Unfortunately, unlike the Optimus 3D, you will need to wear the included 3D glasses if you enjoy the feeling of anything flying at your face – a deal breaker for most folks like myself. Besides it’s 3D capabilities the G-Slate runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS on 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor. It also comes equipped with both a front (2MP) and rear (5MP) camera.

Whether you’re overly excited about the G-Slate and would like to chat it up or cautious and want to do some research before buying (or not buying), hit up the G-Slate Forum where you can get all the information you want, including having your questions answered by our very own Android faithful.

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Amazon Jumps The Gun on T-Mobile G2X Launch

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  1. Ill wait for samsung’s .33 inch thin tab. or maybe htc’s offering, unless its got more shitty snapdragon garbage

    1. Definitely looks like HTC will be packing a single core Snappy. =(

      I think Samsung will kill it =)

      1. I agree that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 will kill anything else that’s put out there. It’s sad that single cores are hitting shelves, when such better technology is here.

        I am also not impressed with 3D by any manufacturer. I wear glasses, and it’s hard to put any type of glasses over my glasses, so that kind of kills 3D for me. It’s just a gimmick anyway. I say let’s focus on improving battery technology. Everyone forgets about that little guy behind the cover.

        1. I was thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or 10.1. but I just don’t trust Samsung anymore. They have such a bad reputation for software support for their products, just look at the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones… My Captivate was my first product from Sansung and it will be my last.

  2. I can’t find any where how much RAM this G-Slate tab has.

  3. Great stuff, I am going to get this one !!..

  4. Actually it comes with TWO back facing 5MP cameras for 3D Video capturing.

      1. Funny, how i posted the wrong youtube video that was totally unrelated.

        For the ones that didn’t know her yet – this is LG Girl:

        1. Only thing she forgot to mention was the price XD

          1. She could talk about economics and it would still be a pleasure to watch the video. ;D

  5. Just ordered one!

    1. you must have lots of money to waste huh?

  6. It has 1gb of ram

  7. Wow they are selling it for $Rape.99

  8. $800…giggity giggity gay.

    1. are you 10 or something? seriously

      1. No, just got done watching Family Guy. Also, blow me.

  9. Wow..once again. Way to completely miss your mark on the pricing. There goes sales…right out the window. Its no wonder the Asus EEE Transformer sold out already. These companies are run my bean counting morons who have no idea about the market they are selling in

    1. Totally agree with you Steven.

  10. wtf 800$ no WiFi only no SD card where’s my vasoline.

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