Samsung Galaxy S II I9103 Tegra 2 Variant May Swap Super AMOLED Plus for Super Clear LCD


It is all but confirmed by Samsung that a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II featuring an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor instead of the in-house Exynos chip will exist under the model number I9103, but new rumors are suggesting the CPU switch won’t be the only difference between the two versions. What we may see is the I9103 also swapping a Super AMOLED Plus display for a Super Clear LCD display.

While this news exists only as rumor for now, we can think of a few reasons for Samsung to develop this secondary version of the Galaxy S II. The most obvious is possible production delays in the actual AMOLED and CPU components, leaving Samsung with no choice but to stock up on alternative components. There is also a chance the I9103 model will be offered as a lower-priced alternative in some areas.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. is this the one coming to t mobile?

  2. Uhhh lets not be stupid, dork.

  3. big mistake from Samsung if they do 2 version of the phone…will only buy the one with amoled plus!

  4. Is that an optical mouse I see?

    I LOVE the optical mouse on my old Samsung Saga

  5. high end phone just got downgraded to iphone 4 level…..

  6. Thought Super Amoled was one of Samsung’s biggest selling points…

  7. Earthquake in Japan anyone?

    They may be forced to use other more widely available components…

  8. good point…

  9. It is what it is they will do what they have to either way they have a great product for everyone to enjoy.

  10. @MMS super amoleds are manufactured in korea

  11. SuperAMOLED is the only reason I’m looking forward to the Galaxy S2 so I hope T-Mobile doesn’t go this route.

  12. Actually, speaking as a Galaxy S owner, I prefer an LCD rather than an AMOLED that will be prone to burn-in. It pretty much precludes the use of the phone as a bedside clock, but that’s just me.

  13. Sprint better get their sheez together and come out with S2 soon. Not really looking forward to Evo 3D or shooter or whatever but at the same time anything new high end from Srpint is acceprable at this point.

  14. Damn Im not sure if the earthquake did this. Samsung should delay or wait until they get everything straighten up. I will not buy it if it comes with lcd shit. Two version is fucking gay. This better be a rumor!! So will the infuse get lcd too? Lol.

  15. I really hope this is not true. And @ReadDanielQuinn, that is not an optical track pad. The original Galaxy S had that to. It’s just a home button. They should of been ready if they were going to introduce the Orion an plus screens.

  16. Please don’t drop the super amoled plus. Guess I will have to buy the infuse at the end of the month when it comes out. cells4you.com has the infuse listed as in stock on march 31st for $499.99 unlocked.

  17. Its probably there low end for metro pcs and boost mobile maybe.

  18. They simply cannot make enough AMOLED screens yet. They are building a multi Billon dollar plant but it won’t be up and running till sometime in 2012

  19. Isn’t this because Apple ordered a bunch of Exynos and Super AMOLED Plus screens for the next gen iPhone (5)?

  20. from what I understand this 2nd version is for ‘less-critical’ markets. Most people won’t have a choice between 2 versions. Maybe they’ll sell it to Tajikistan or something, I don’t know.

  21. This may not be that bad.

    1. I read that super bright tft performs better in daylight.

    2. Benchmarks show LG Optimus 2X (Tegra 2) performs better than Galaxy S 2, even with less ram thanks to processor.

  22. Well not to downplay what you said but my galaxy s does as good as any phone, better than my droid x in sunlight, these are going to be beastly phones if samsung follows their track record and puts the best of mobile processing put there, I for one would like to see them use their in house chip, accompanied by the power VR SGX 543, that GPU is even more beastly than the one already in the galaxy s line. Which for you that aren’t aware, is literally right up there with the tegra 2 on graphics capability.

  23. @ Ari-free you mother she smell like donkey for insult to mighty Tajikistan.

  24. Actually as long as people know.

    SuperAmoled Plus is the new hotness. Wonder how the super clear lcd looks compared

  25. Ip4 screen is still the best screen right now! The ip5 will beat the ip4 retina display. Samsung screen doesn’t come close! Sorry but it’s the truth!

  26. lol on ip4…
    i highly doubt that anyone would rather buy sclcd version vs sa+

  27. Sammy did this with the Russian version of the GS 1, if I recall correctly. I would think that the US will be getting SAMOLED+

  28. @Uniquenate in fact the original Galaxy S had not trackpad, optical mouse, or any thing of the sorts at least the Vibrant, Fascinate, and Epic didnt or the Galaxy S 4g

  29. You call this news? This rumor is 2-3 weeka old

  30. @26 apple cultists will always buy what Steve Jobs tells them to buy

  31. super amolded sucks ass i hate it, rather super lcd, now super amolded+ on the other hand may be worth it cause they got rid of that damn ugly ass pentile matrix

  32. Won’t SuperLCD drain the battery more?

  33. It’s not due to the earthquake in Japan.
    It’s due to demands for a special version from AT&T.

  34. No matter what I’m getting Super Amoled + and most importantly the Exynos CPU!!!!! <- this CPU will own even Tegra 3 whenever that comes out.

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