Early HTC Thunderbolt Units Experiencing SMS Bugs?


When initial rumors placed the HTC Thunderbolt as launching in February, an eventual March 17th release date suggested there was still some work to be done. Rumors were that delays had to do with problems with Verizon’s 4G network, but that doesn’t exclude other issues that may have been holding back the first LTE phone from Verizon. We have several reports coming from sister site AndroidForums and XDA claiming various SMS bugs have been rearing their ugly head.

The major issue seems to concern the dial-back number displayed when sending a text from the Thunderbolt. Instead of the recipient seeing your phone number, they see a string of digits that reportedly represent the phone’s SIM number. Because the SIM number is displayed, it might be assumed the problem only arises in 4G coverage areas (3G operates via CDMA, a SIM-less standard).

Other reported problems include the sending of duplicate texts as well as some instances of texts not going through at all. Any other new Thunderbolt users experiencing the same issues? Let us know in the comments below!

[via AndroidForums]


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  1. lte = gsm? oh thank god verizon is finally seeing the light

  2. I always have had that msg bug on all my android phones way back to the G1 msg wont go out then it send duplicates once it does.

  3. No such issues for me. But, then again, I’m in a 3G area.

  4. is it worth trading in DX for thunderbolt with unknown battery life

  5. I’m having these exact problems as described. Reply-to number is a long string of numbers.

  6. MINE did that!!! My sister’s phone on Verizon showed the string of digits when I sent her a text and my friend on AT&T was not getting them at all. I had to call Verizon and they fixed it for me right away though. Not a big deal.

  7. Yep, I’m experiencing it. I’m in a 4G area.

  8. I haven’t had this issue, but I am still not activated after 4 hours. Verizon says that there are a number of clients that are having this issue.


  9. lol google voice free texting ftw.

  10. I’m having this issue as well. No duplicate txts as of yet but people recieving my messages are getting a string of digits instead of my number forcing them to create a new message to reply to me. I am also unable to send picture mail.

    As far as the activation issue according to the store I was in today the activation needs to register as complete in the verizon system before the SIM card can be inserted and the phone powered up. If this isn’t done the phone will not activate.

  11. I had the issue where SIM number was call back number. I am in Nashville with blazing fast 4G. I did a battery pull (held down power button to fully discharge). Working fine now. I also experienced some text not going through to a friend on AT&T. Forgot to test that again but will soon.

  12. lte = lte… gsm died at edge…

  13. Ok I have the bolt and yes my messages did come out with the problem mentioned above. But I am not in a 4g area, I’m in a 3g area. On top of that my activation took an hour. Other than those two issues, my battery life has been great, it actually outlawed my Samsung vibrant.

  14. @Mitchell – I agree. Why pay $5-$15 for a text plan when you can use Google voice. As a person with several smart phones on my family plan text plans are just out of the question. Worst case, import your number into Google voice and get a new number for your phone (do invest some time in reading about this though, there are pro’s and con’s!).

  15. So far phone seems to be working ok (in 3G area) – just took time for it to activate – I was the first one at our local store this morning to have a phone activated. Once I get off work and can play, I will have a better idea of how it is going to work for me. Still excited to have it.

  16. @Mark…I wish google voice could handle MMS. Then I could port my number over to them and be done with this.

  17. @austin – TF is correct, LTE is not GSM. It just uses a SIM card. GSM is a great standard for, well, nothing! It was just widely accepted. It has issues passing calls between towers (a true source of most of AT&T dropped calls), it is *not* data centric and even though throughput can theoretically go up to 40-50mbps with current technology (20mbps is possible right now); latency is horrible.
    LTE was a “start from scratch” mentality. They threw out GSM and CDMA both, and built the new standard from the ground up as a data service; with voice as a secondary concern because of the existance of VoIP. Latency on LTE is in the low 30-40ms range (not much worse than DSL/Cable). GSM latency is usually around 200ms…just crappy for data (and one of the real reasons face time for the iPhone doesn’t work on GSM; GSM has plenty bandwidth).
    Last, LTE is truely a “phase change” technology. It’s an evolutionary standard and was built as such. GSM and CDMA were built to a strict guideline of how to do things. LTE is built more on a mindset of what we want to accomplish.
    So in short, no, LTE isn’t GSM. But YES! Verizon did see the light ;-)

  18. I’m having the problem – but its well worth it for the speeds I’m getting!! :)

  19. test

  20. Holy Crap
    These notes accept HTML?!

  21. @Darrick: I guess they do now

  22. Ive experienced it in my 3g area once, but it seems to be gone now.

  23. I think the duplicate text problem is an Android OS issue. The same thing happens to me on my OG Droid.

  24. So happy I didn’t drop hundreds of dollars to buy–surprise surprise–hardware/software branded by htc on verizon that is buggy and effed up. I’m on my fourth or fifth refurbed droid incredible (I’ve lost count) and as much as I wanted to get an htc thunderbolt for the screen real estate, cool kickstand and surround sound, I’ll just wait until htc/verizon gets their shit together and releases some well tested and functioning hardware.

  25. Unlike that user I’ve had my dinc since release week with not a single issue except poor battery life. Touch pro, touch pro 2 now dinc, HTC makes the best phones hands down, ill get the tb soon if the gf let’s me..being a bby employee I get it for 400 outright…

  26. Yep, sending texts is sloooowww. It sits forever, and then finally goes. Other than that texting works fine.

  27. Verizon always gives you this BS about not releasing any phone until it meets their standards and ends up releasing these things months later than they should. Then after all these months of so called testing, the phone can’t even send a basic text message.

  28. Battery pull seems to fix the reply-to name issue. Phone also has issues OTAing for a couple customers I have seen today. The issues of texting are not limited to 4G covered areas either. We are in an area not yet supported by the 4G and have seen these issues

  29. Just an update, spent over an hour on the phone with verizon and after a hard reset all the issues I was experiencing are fixed. Picture mail now goes through and people are now receiving my phone number instead of SIM number with txts. Apparently there were some issues on the network that were recently hotfixed.

  30. You are all holding it wrong.

  31. That’s why you leave the new devices to the dummies (test dummies) before buying…test dummies

  32. I have to agree, I would have waited to buy this phone. Too many delays meant too many issues and they still rushed it to market. Verizons first 4G phone was bound to have problems. It’s always best to wait until the bugs are either worked out or for the next 4G phone to be released.

  33. Mine is working fine..typing with it now…i just can seem to signinto my Google account…..its quite annoying …just says lack of strong connection to server…any suggestions??? Phone is fantastic though

  34. no issues for me..phones fast as fuck

  35. I got the HTC Thunderbolt today. Everything seems find except, when I make a video, the volume is all the way up, but the sound is very low, you can barely here the people on the vidoe…don’t know what’s going on.

  36. [marquee]Idk if i want to get this phone or not :( [/marquee]

  37. @justin never had the problem with poor battery life, I just reduce the screen brightness and always keep my car charger if absolutely necessary.

    The problems I had with my dinc, are a couple of different kinds of system memory problems (I always had over 600 mb of memory free yet my phone always said I was running out of space, as well as having too many photos in my sms app), constant hardware restarts, problems with apps staying loaded on the home screen, bluetooth audio problems while paired with my car (which wasn’t a problem with my car because previous dincs would work fine), a problem with the screen responsiveness (my last dinc would refuse to scroll to the right and would scroll all the way to the left) and a power button that would stick (again my last dinc refurb which was by far the worst).

    @Mensahwatts the downside of not being a launch buyer and purchasing one down the line was the change from amoled to super lcd screen.

  38. I hope… BILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF BUGS INFEST… @ksizzle9 and @Dj and @tim242 Time for reality to set in… PISS ON VERIZON AND THE THUNDERDUD….

  39. There’s the douchebag we have all come to know. Good game “dick”.

  40. Good to know, ill follow up….

  41. I had the same problem with the sim # showing up on SMS messages… I just went to Verizon store @5pm pacific time… They claimed they had not heard about it… whatever… The rep pulled the battery and it seems to be working now… Not sure if it will return…

  42. I spoke with an HTC tech and there is indeed a bug. When you use Google Voice, the thunderbolt will NOT show your GV number…it shows the native number of your phone. Very frustrating.

  43. the very first sms i sent this morning after getting my thunderbolt had this issue, after that it seemed to be non-issue

  44. Had the sms issue were my number showed as a series of digits. Took battery and SD card out and put back in as instructed by vzn. Problem solved

  45. So far, so good. After reading this,i sent a few texts to test it, and no issues so far. LTE is unbelievably fast. If I come across anything out of the ordinary, I’ll post it.

  46. I’m beginning to think Dick Yarrell, iKing, and Eileen something are all the same person. Ever notice they ALL type the same way? Obvious troll is obvious, btw. They really should make an “awareness” blog post about trolls and how not to acknowledge them.

  47. Just picked mine up. This thing is ridiculously fast

  48. @gstatty…….to bad to hear about your dinc issues. Bought mine the day of release, never have had any issues. Sense does sometimes pop up a low memory message even when there is plenty of memory available. This is a software issue not a hardware issue. I just force close most apps and it goes away.

    @richard yarnell….really? You are ignorant! The evo is a great phone…..a great phone on a crap network! I would take the “thunderdud”over your evo any day. Obviously by the comments this phone is currently the fastest phone available.

  49. Was happening for me and I’m in 3G. Verizon rep confirmed it was my Sim number and was able to fix the issue. All is well now.

  50. I live in a 3g area and and I’m having issues. Sms issues.love my phone though!

  51. I restarted my phone and that seemed to fix my problem.

  52. Had mine for 9 hours and love it!!!! no text issues, battery doing ok so far…bye bye crackberry!

  53. Crazy fast…just clocked it at 22 download, 3.5 up. Crazy…

    Question, I can’t make a phone call. Yeah, you read that correct…4G works great, email, web, everything…but i literally can not call anyone. Just picked this up today…but has anyone else heard of a crazy issue like this?

  54. My wide just got the thunderbolt and she has this issue, the text message came from her as a series of numbers

  55. I wouldn’t call it a problem.. easy fix.. sending a text to someone reveals a long digit number as ur number.. something about a serial number under the battery.. I called Verizon and did a factory reset and it fixed it immediately. Not a problem.. phone runs smooth as butter.. now if I can relearn how to use a touchscreen keyboard I would be in good shape

  56. I am in a 3g area and had the issue. battery pull and remove will hopefully work

  57. Not sure if anyone else is Experiencing constant drop of data connection with their new Htc thunderbolt but in Rochester new York it keeps happening to me

  58. I text with Google Voice, so I reckon I won’t notice it.

  59. This has only happen to me once today but I tell u one issue I don’t have and that’s battery life I downloaded the rockband game the full game and played the entire r
    Setlist and battery is only down 15% that’s 20 songs non stop for an hour and a half

  60. Had the same problem. Called Verizon and they had ne pull the sin card and leave it out for 2 minutes then reinsent and reboot. Problem was fixed . They said they had no clue where that problem came from. Probably something to do with the 4g tho

  61. Had that exact issue. Outgoing messages are ok, recipients receive it, but when they reply, it goes to the crazy 20 odd digit sim#. I thought everyone I texted to today was busy until I emailed one of them.

    The fix? Just reboot (or restart in Sense-speak). All fixed. No problem.

  62. using a Thunderbolt in a 3G Region. Every recipient of my SMS’s / texts sees some very strange, long string of numbers. verizon htc should fix this asap. guess early adopters always get worst of it.

  63. to be clear i am in a 3G, *NOT* an LTE/4g area.

  64. i may hate this phone. i cant think of something other than 4g that this phone has that makes it better than the other phone, i do not recommend it for anybody. the power button on mine keeps getting stuck, is anyone eles having this issue?

  65. restart – fixes issue w/ texting call back number. if battery life on 4g is an issue: Go into testing mode by dialing *#*#4636#*#* > phone information > Scroll down and Select preferred network type to be “CDMA auto (PRL)” rather than the default “CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto”

  66. I’m having a problem with in call volume, when I’m on a call the volume is really low and it stays that way even when the volume is all the way up.

  67. I’m in 4g area and am having lots of of problems receiving texts and with people receiving the texts I send. Of course, the only time it worked right is when I was on the line with Verizon support! I hope they get this fixed soon.

  68. anyone’s sense actually working because tbolt doesnt show up on website

  69. A reboot fixed the sim number showing up in sms threads for me. sms also locked up the phone while receiving a text which also required a reboot. besides that absolutely loving this thing. Ohh and Im pretty sure I am not in a 4g area.

  70. I got it this morning and it works DAMN fast. However, that said, I have had the SMS problems with not sending or the string of numbers. Didn’t hear from anyone about receiving duplicate messages.

    I did have problems with rockband downloading and now it says “There is a problem parsing the package” and it won’t go any further. I MAY have to just reset the phone and go from there.

    The other problem I see is that I can literally watch the battery guage drop from the moment I unplug it. Within about 20 minutes it went from 100% to 88% with just talking on the phone and a few sms messages sent out.

    I will say I’m a little pissed that they changed up the form factor enough from the EVO that my Droid Incredible batteries (which fit the EVO) don’t fit into my Thunderbolt! LAME! And they stick a 1400 maH battery in here but a 1500 one in the EVO WTF?

    Other than that, seems pretty good. I will say after having been using my incredible for over a year, a 4.3″ form factor is REALLY pushing the edges of usability as a phone. I think a 4″ would be ideal.

  71. I picked up my two Thunderbolts this afternoon, and activated them online at home. Activation took about three minutes for each, (that’s how long it took for me to type in the imie numbers and the LTE SIM numbers. Both the phones work beyond belief, they both download faster than my comcast wired internet, uploads I haven’t tried, but speednet clocked it at 38mbps up, 17.9mbps down by the way. My daughter came from a BB Storm2, and had figured out how to do custom home pages before I finished setting up my facebook and twitter syncs. So I give two thumbs up!!

  72. I love this device and 4g! It’s crazy fast and a definite upgrade from OG Droid 1. BATTERY life is what I would expect for a 4.3″ screen on 4g. I’m always on my phone with multiple apps running, streaming music, gps, etc. And will last as long as my droid. Love the new THUNDERBOLT. FTW!

  73. Confirmed this morning factory reset fixed my sms issues

  74. I had the issue but a quick reset of the phone fixed it. (hard reset)

  75. Live in the Orlando fl area full 4g pretty much everywhere no problems with sms or mms I use handcent as my default n disable auto retrieve on the standard message app. Sending sms n mms so fast on 4g you notice the network has been updated when sending doesn’t revert to backwards technology such as prior 1x or 3g

  76. i waited 2 months for this phone to come out after i was due for an upgrade then last night i get it and today no one knows how to txt me back because of this sms bug. its really making me mad and idk what to do

  77. my phone was activated in about 10 minutes and I never had issues with SMS yesterday. I’m in a 4G city

  78. I recently purchased the HTC Thunderbolt, I absolutely LOVE IT! Huge screen, the UI is smooth and clean, everything works appropriately except for 2 things so far: Whenever I have sent a txt msg, I also am sending people a string of numbers and sometimes no msg at all. I hope this txt issue will be resolved soon, the other issue I am having is with Google Maps, it doesnt seem to pinpoint exactly where I am for some reason, is anyone else having this issue with Google maps too?

  79. “its really making me mad and idk what to do”

    Um, maybe read a few posts here? Remove battery or factory reset the phone and it clears up.

  80. As immabeon said above, a hard reset(pull battery) fixed sms issue. Verizon rep helpful in suggesting this. Love The Tbolt

  81. I just bought the thunderbolt yesterday and i love it, but the texting is broken. I am experiencing everything wrong that was described above. If I want to do a factory reset, how do I do that?

  82. Lauren – You just need to pop the back cover off (pry off from top, dont be shy), pop the battery out, and then pull the Sim card out (bottom left corner of battery area, just slide out some). Then put it all back together and everything will work fine.

  83. HAd the same problem with my thunderbolt. just turned it off and took out the 4g sim card and plugged it back in and worked fine. Before people would only get my sim card number when sending texts and people on At&T wouldnt recieve my texts but now they can

  84. yup all happening to me, its annoying as all hell too, i wont receive a ton of massages and cant send a bunch, get errors and when it does work they just get my sim number, im not in a 4g area either, just 3g so the 4g theory is not right

  85. Just got the Thunderbolt today. Love it. But I did have that exact issue with the long string of numbers showing up when I texted someone. However, a simple reboot fixed the issue for me. Might have something to do with Verizon’s setup/migration, not the phone itself. Just a guess!

  86. Would love to have this phone but don’t have an upgrade til Jan ’12. I have a Dinc that I got at launch and I love this phone still. I used to have reboot issues about a month into the Dinc but the Froyo update resolved that. I’m also looking at the Dinc 2 with the 4″ screen. As I said, love my Incredible, just would like a bigger screen.

  87. Same problem with texts and weird dial back numbers. Hope they fix it soon. Also, there speech to text doesn’t work well either. You say “send text to” and it just puts the name of the person in the message section. I really wanted that feature. :-(

  88. I just got the phone yesterday. already having this problem.

  89. I bought my Thunderbolt on Thursday. My friend reported to me that he is relieving the texts I send 3 times each. I called Verizon and they acted like they didn’t know about it but were willing to help troubleshoot. I don’t have another phone line to use to they scheduled to call me Monday to work through the issue. It sounds like they can fix it if you call.

  90. I got the phone yesterday and am in love with it so far. I had the SMS problem but hard reset it as per y’alls suggestion and it seems to be working great now. Battery also isn’t TERRIBLE as long as you don’t use it hardcore

  91. I only had the problem with the long number when I sent my first text. The only problem I noticed yesterday (got the phone on Thursday) is that the pictures for my “favorites” are not very clear (can see pixels). I know it’s not my pictures because they look fine on my contacts. Anyone else having this problem?
    I went to verizon and they couldn’t tell my why that happened.

  92. I bought a Thunderbolt Friday afternoon as a replacement for my Blackberry. After 3 hours of unsuccessful attempts to activate it, multiple SIM cards, etc. During my 3 hour visit, I saw a couple of other Thunderbolts get activated with varying levels of success. It always took more than one attempt and afterward, a few reboots or battery-pulls. I worked paitently on my laptop as they struggled and they were very polite and helpful but it was clearly a disaster. Finally, they sent me home with the promise that it would activate overnight. It did not activate. Yesterday morning, I returned to the store for another hour of unsuccessful attempts and then told that a technician would call me at home in 3 hours. I had already had enough so I asked for my Blackberry to be reactivated and was told that it could not be reactivated because of the pending order for my Thunderbolt. After four hours I called customer support, only to be told that they could not see the order in my account so the Thunderbolt it could not be activated. Two hours later I called them again and was left on perma-hold. After 24 hours with no phone or email, I returned to the store and demanded that they refund my money and reactivate my Blackberry. Again, I was told it could not be done. I told them loudly that I did not believe there was anything that could not be undone and that I would not leave until they called everyone at VW until they got it resolved. The store was packed and it was obvious that I was on th the game so, 20 minutes later, I left the store with my reactivated Blackberry…. Don’t fall for the “we can’t switch you back” line… they can…quick as lightning.

  93. [b]damn[/b]

  94. I have not have any issues with my Thunderbolt. I love it! But I cant figure out how to make it where when i put it on vibrate it only vibrates on calls and not texts! Does anyone else have this issue?

  95. Well i figured the vibration issue! But the phone is so awesome!

  96. Battery Battery Battery that’s the only downside… 3 hrs and your battery is down to 10 percent on 4G network. I returned it back and reactivated my droid X

  97. I have an issue with my phone putting in part of an old text into the text section of a certain contact and i have to deleat it before every message I send and its supper annoying

  98. Got my TB on Friday and have had problems texting from the first day I got it. The texts go through eventually but are very very slow. I am using Handcent program. Sure hope that the powers that be send some kind of fix for this issues because it really makes it hard to use text.

  99. I had the same issue with the sms showing the sim card numbers as my number but a battery pull fixed it…thanks to these comments I didn’t have to call Verizon. Phone is superfast and so far I love it!

  100. This Thunderbolt seems as useful as a poopy flavored lollypop. I was the only one in the store yesterday, and they still made me wait 30 minutes before they would wait on me. Then I specifically asked several times if he was sure that skype would work on it, that is why I was willing to pay the extra cash. After he assured me it would, I bought it. I have now noticed that even though when I logged into my Verizon account it said I was eligible for an upgrade, I was charged a $20 early upgrade fine. When I goto the market place I get a service unavailable, when I goto VCast Application I get an “Error could not conne: Error cannot display error message.” That is just weird, an error within an error. Now I’ve come to learn that NO, skype doesn’t work on this thing, and that the front facing camera is about useless. The kickstand opens from the wrong side, so when you are charging it, you can’t lay it on it’s side, and, When you use the voice rec to send a text, lets say you say “Send Text message to Mom, Hi mom.” The text message reads “Message to Mom. Hi mom.” And the To field is left blank.
    I feel like I got robbed, false advertisement, it says on the pamphlet that it comes with skype, and yet it doesn’t. In fact, even if you download skype onto it, the video still doesn’t work!

  101. Apparently none of the voice commands work. I thought it was just the text message sending, but I can’t even use it to call someone. I keep trying with no background noise, and while enunciating “call Sara Whitney.” And it just said, do you mean “Call Sun Baltimore the Travel Democratic Party?” I feel like this thing is messing with me on purpose. How could you possible get something that wrong!

  102. I have had the thunderbolt since day one and have only had all but a few minor problems. Starting today I had the issue of duplicate messages sending out. Also the messaging system will find an error and shut down every once and a while. This battery life is absolutely killing me too. I’m gonna have to jump for a bigger battery when the 2750 comes out.

  103. I am trying to view my visual voice mail, by clicking on the Voice Mail icon. I get a page that says “Website not found.” Really?

  104. Turning it on Airplane mode, and then back to normal seems to be a short fix for the text problem. At least until we get an upgrade. Those complaining about the short battery life, also need to upgrade Blockbuster and then turn off automatic updates in its settings. That can help with the battery usage in the background.

  105. http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19736_7-20046412-251.html?tag=mncol

    This article describes how to toggle to CDMA only on the thunderbolt. useful as a temp fix to the SIM card number showing instead of phone number, but with a 4g phone i’d like to be able to use 4g. Any ideas when this is going to have a permanent fix?

  106. I’m having both those issues. My phone number isn’t appearing (my husband pointed that out) and my text messages aren’t going through sometimes. It’s annoying because they don’t bounce back so I think they are sent but find out later they never were.

  107. I am having a problem with sending text when speaking it. When you say the persons name then state your message for the information including the recipient’s name going the message section .not lake demonstration they show you on the phone .I wonder if this feature really works .

  108. message failed, would you like to retry? then getting SMS ERROR, Service not available– have 2 bars on 4g network- can’t do any texting..

  109. Howdy,

    I have lost all of my sms & mms messages twice now as well as the 16 digit S/N issue. I am in a 4G LTE area.

  110. I’ve had my Thunderbolt since release date and about half the time that I send SMS to an ATT iPhone 4 the single text msg gets broken into 4 or more snippets….sending and receiving. Ugh!!

  111. Are there anyways to fix these problems yet?

  112. These are the problems that brought me to this forum. I have two friends who are not getting messages at all despite successful delivery notices to me. Also, other friends have reported the long list of digits that is not my phone number. Hopefully we will have a fix soon.

  113. I can receive SMS but cannot send. No good

  114. When I go to my text messages from home screen it brings up a blank screen and dosent show my inbox at all like all my text are gone and I can’t figure it out . My keyboard froze a few times and when I make phone calls sumtimes people cant hear me talking I also wish the sound quality was better when using speaker phone sounds all muffled …

  115. When I go to my text messages from home screen it brings up a blank screen and dosent show my inbox at all like all my text are gone and I can’t figure it out . My keyboard froze a few times and when I make phone calls sumtimes people cant hear me talking I also wish the sound quality was better when using speaker phone sounds all muffled …

  116. When I go to my text messages from home screen it brings up a blank screen and dosent show my inbox at all like all my text are gone and I can’t figure it out . My keyboard froze a few times and when I make phone calls sumtimes people cant hear me talking I also wish the sound quality was better when using speaker phone sounds all muffled …

  117. When I go to my text messages from home screen it brings up a blank screen and dosent show my inbox at all like all my text are gone and I can’t figure it out . My keyboard froze a few times and when I make phone calls sumtimes people cant hear me talking I also wish the sound quality was better when using speaker phone sounds all muffled …

  118. When I go to my text messages from home screen it brings up a blank screen and dosent show my inbox at all like all my text are gone and I can’t figure it out . My keyboard froze a few times and when I make phone calls sumtimes people cant hear me talking I also wish the sound quality was better when using speaker phone sounds all muffled …

  119. When I go to my text messages from home screen it brings up a blank screen and dosent show my inbox at all like all my text are gone and I can’t figure it out . My keyboard froze a few times and when I make phone calls sumtimes people cant hear me talking I also wish the sound quality was better when using speaker phone sounds all muffled …

  120. When I go to my text messages from home screen it brings up a blank screen and dosent show my inbox at all like all my text are gone and I can’t figure it out . My keyboard froze a few times and when I make phone calls sumtimes people cant hear me talking I also wish the sound quality was better when using speaker phone sounds all muffled …

    1. SAME HERE!!! I have to turn my phone off or an error message appears and makes me force close my inbox!!! UGH!

  121. II’m having that problem as I’m typing. One min it’ll work perfectly but in another it won’t work to save its life.

  122. II’m having that problem as I’m typing. One min it’ll work perfectly but in another it won’t work to save its life.

  123. II’m having that problem as I’m typing. One min it’ll work perfectly but in another it won’t work to save its life.

  124. II’m having that problem as I’m typing. One min it’ll work perfectly but in another it won’t work to save its life.

  125. II’m having that problem as I’m typing. One min it’ll work perfectly but in another it won’t work to save its life.

    1. I am having the same issue, where do you live?

  126. I haven’t received a sms for four days, and Verizon tech support wasn’t able to help. I’m in the same boat!

  127. I have been having issues with peopke receiving my tect messages. I switched to handcent which seems to be a little better but im still unsure if all my messages are being received.

  128. open up your text msg, then go to menu,settings, scroll down to sms send call back number and call back number. make sure the callback number is your number. then check send callback number. restart your phone

  129. I am having problems with my gps I live in Demopolis, Al. And it is showing me in Clanton, this is also showing up on my weather widget. It will show the weather for cities that I’m not close to. Is there a fix for this?

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