Samsung and Boost Mobile to Host Event April 5th: What Might they Have in Store?


Boost Mobile and Samsung just hit up our inbox with an invite to a typically mysterious event to be hosted in New York City on April 5th. The only inkling of a hint they are giving us is that they are “cooking up something hot” as per the invitation. So what exactly might they have stewing in the kitchen?

Boost currently offers the Motorola i1 on their pay-as-you-go network as the their only Android option, so any new devices are more than appreciated, but just what Samsung might be unveiling remains a big question mark. Boost may get their own Galaxy S variant, or perhaps a US version of the recently launched Galaxy Mini, Gio, Ace, or Fit. None of this seems to fit with the cooking motif the companies are going with, but that might be there for reasons entirely different.

There is a chance CTIA may hold some of the answers we seek if Samsung plans to show off more than just a new Galaxy Tab, but there is no guarantee anything shown there will reveal any more answers. We will be on-hand at the New York event to see what April surprise is on hand.

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  1. Whatever they have will help boost alot. Hope Samsung makes a great 4g device for boost

  2. Either way, I am deeply impressed with the shrinkage plan. Much cheaper than what other carriers have to offer. I may go prepaid after my verizon contract is up just to save the cash. Ridiculous we pay 80+ per month for a service despite being long time customers.



  3. boost barely has 3g there a bargian phone company with a skeleton network just like virgin and ntelos. its not going to be a 4g phone…

  4. Boost and Virgin both use Sprint’s network. (at a lower priority)

  5. any android phone will be greatly appreciated by Boost users. More people with access to a pocket computer with internet is a good thing.

  6. More than likely it’ll be a cdma device of their new phones they featured recently. Maybe the Ace?

  7. I predict it will be the Galaxy S2 on Boost. Why not put the best phone on the crappiest network, lol!

  8. @Richard I find it laughable that you would actually think that Sprint would allow Boost to access their 4G network.

  9. @kujayhawks77… guess your right…. Sprint wouldn’t allow that to happen… since boost is sprint just like virgin mobile i just want them to be successful in general… Maybe an awesome 3g device would be just fine

  10. I love boost i’m paying 40 a month unlimited everyone great service everywhere i got Plus im using a Epic 4g so im good

  11. Samsung new laptop looks so nice but it is very expensive.

  12. I got a HTC Touch Pro 2 (Winmo) phone to work on Boost. No problem. $50/month, unlimited everything. Works great!! And, I travel all over the state. Supposedly, any Sprint phone can be made to work on Boost, including androids.

  13. I spoke w/ a Boost Mobile rep earlier and was advised it will be a Galaxy phone that they are launching, just not sure when. @JAmes- how did you get your epic to work on Boost?

  14. I’m guessing that it might be a Samsung Epic 4G Without the 4G and rebranded. Well whatever it is, I just hope it’s an CDMA Android with a keyboard!
    @Richard Yarrell, Yup I also wish Sprint would pay more attention to Boost & Virgin, I think Boost is the best prepay I’ve used (way better than Metro!) but they’re phone selection kinda stinks.

  15. My cousing is a Boost Mobile associate and he works in Irvine, Cal., he told me that Boost is in the process of training to release 5 new CDMA phones next month of which 2 are Samsung Androids. One is the Samsung Transform (currently offered by Sprint) and the other is a Samsung Galaxy S variant. They’re also going to release the Sanyo Innuendo, LG LX290. He said Boost is trying to replace their iDEN phones with CDMA offering because Sprint is planning on shutting down they’re iDEN network.

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