Report: Samsung Galaxy S II With Tegra 2 Processor Nearing


While their competitors went with NVIDIA for their dual-core needs, Samsung – similar to what they did with their Galaxy S and Tab – instead chose to use their own Exynos processor in the Samsung Galaxy S II model they introduced at the show in Barcelona. Sources of Engadget‘s, however, are confirming to them that Samsung is indeed planning on making a version of their phone with a Tegra 2 processor instead.

It’s said that the alternate is being made because Samsung doesn’t anticipate manufacturing as many chips as they’re going to need to meet demand. (Whether that’s by choice or due to an uncontrollable supply constraint wasn’t said.)

Those of us here in the United and States and those in the UK may still only be getting the Exynos models, though, but nothing has been said about which regions will get which models. Such a confusing tale.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So which model would be better and why?

  2. This phone best phone other than HTC and ZTE. They only handset that can bend the glass for round faces. Samsung led the smartphone market after HTC innovated with first ever smartphone and now they commmand best processors to themselves as they selling 10 million phones a quarter which is shitting on that crappy US crApple garbage. Only android can allow this innovation. Go Android!!!!

  3. @Brian
    The Exynos Processor is gonna be superior to Tegra 2.
    The reason is simply that Samsung has more experience and can optimize it more than Nvidia.
    Tegra 2 is a big fail.

  4. @Brian
    I recon the Exynos would be better than the Tegra 2 for no other reason than the fact that Tegra 2 doesn’t support the NEON instruction set. This is one of the reasons why the Optimus 2X is only able to play a limited number of video formats.

  5. How is Tegra 2 a big fail? Its currently the fastest SoC available to the consumer currently, so how is it a fail?

  6. Samsung has more experience than nvidia? Where’s that samsung GPU in your PC?

  7. Games are going to be optimized for tegra 2 and qualcomm. Samsung should care about optimized games for exynos otherwise they will find their s-amoled screens to be used only for angry birds. Devs will be even less likely to optimize for exynos if there are 2 different SGS versions.

  8. yes samsung does… when it comes to manufacturing chips theyre second only to intel..

  9. @ android fan. Wwhhat?

  10. I cant wait for this phone to hit the states. But we must get a Bluetooth controller for these touch screen phones. I like playing games on my vibrant but I hate the fact my hand takes up so much of the screen. Yeah better gpu=better games but I want to enjoy the shit!

  11. I am pretty underwhelmed with the Tegra2. The graphics benchmarks are right on par with the current generation of Galaxy S 1’s Hummingbird. At least on paper the Exynos is going to be at least twice (some people claim 5x) as fast as the current Tegra2. My theory is Samsung will be cranking out the Exynos for the iPhone5 and cannot commit to having the ability to meet Cupertino’s demand as well as their own. But Apple probably demands certain guarantees so Samsung is just letting people know that they might have to fall back to the Tegra2 in case the iPhone5 soaks up all their chips.

  12. It’s Samsung, who cares…

  13. john there’s more to being good for games than just making chips. You can’t just throw out all this tech and not help anyone use it.
    Having said all that, I just love the tech that Samsung is bringing to the android platform. For example, exynos supports DDR3 memory. Most apps need better I/O more than anything. it’s not as if they are trying to simulate a nuclear bomb when you are switching apps.

  14. @Brian, I will probably say that you should get the one with the exynos chip because it is samsung’s own and similar to the ipad 2

  15. @ari-free
    There is no way in the world that NVidia doesn’t have more experience in the game space working with developers and optimizing for their chips.

    That is seriously what they have built their business on for decades now. Samsung is a newcomer for sure.

    I’m not saying I think/know Tegra is better for games but I think your points about game optimization aren’t valid and we’ll just have to wait and see on benchmarks. But as for developers optimizing for hardware, it will be tegra long before it is Samsung, particularly considering how many devices are coming out with Tegra.

  16. It’s Samsung, they’ll use some retarded lagy file system and never update the damn thing.

  17. The Tegra 2 barely beats the Hummingbird and PowerVR SGX 540, which is just sad. Granted, Samsung had Intrinsity to design the Hummingbird, which they don’t anymore. So the Orion(yes I still call it the Orion) might not be that great. We’ll just have to wait and see. It could destroy the competition. It could be the worst. So far, the OMAP 4 is looking like it destroys the other chipsets.

  18. dual core processors arent supported until gingerbread, so griping about performance of tegra chips is a bit moot until youre benchmarking them on a device loaded with android 2.3.

  19. Quote: “dual core processors arent supported until gingerbread, so griping about performance of tegra chips is a bit moot until youre benchmarking them on a device loaded with android 2.3.”
    Just not true according to Nvidia:

    “Yes, Froyo itself and various apps, especially games, are multithreaded and take advantage of the dual cores.”

    Source: https://phandroid.com/2011/02/08/lg-optimus-2x-review/

  20. i will buy the one with the fastest CPU and GPU. Exynos VS Tegra2.

    But i think this is a fail from Samsung…only one chip should be used for all SGS2!

  21. rudiox..what’s wrong with having options? <.< I'm sure eventually (in several years) phones/devices would become modular with their hardware as PCs have become in the 90s. Take out an old graphics processing unit, put in a new one..no need to buy a new phone/device. But this will only happen when the battery strength/charing time and life are all improved much further than they are right now..otherwise swapping out older/weaker (on battery power) chips with new ones would do more harm than good (again, battery duration/life).

  22. tegra 2 barely beats hummingbird? Maybe in some benchmarks. But fishlabs says their game on tegra 2 has “four times higher texture size and a six times higher poly count on its spaceships” than the iphone version

  23. April 6 that’s when we will see this phone on Tmobile. Just a thought

  24. Tegra 2 just about beats the hummingbird.
    (which if you look time-wise. It is epic fail from Nvidias part. Hummingbird shipped last summer for god’s sake!!!)

    I will take the Exynos chip SGS II anyday. Tegra 2 is already on the verge of being outdated.

  25. The Hummingbird has been largely under-rated. It held its own against the Snapdragon’s math – and math is the Hummingbird’s weak point. It can render five times more polygons (90 million/second vrs. 22 million/second) than the Snapdragon. I say all of that to say the Hummingbird was a full generation ahead in terms of its graphics abilities, and it’s finally coming to light.

    Where the Tegra 2 lies in all of this I’m not exactly certain, but nVidia’s gaming market could prove to be a big deal. 90 million polygons per second is only useful if there’s software that has a use for that kind of horsepower. That software thing is a big part of the reason Android tablets will be getting their tail kicked for the next year.

  26. @ari-free, and how is comparing Tegra2 with th A4 relevant to the argument. The CPU part of the A4 is similar to the Hummingbird but they don’t use the same GPU and benchmarks shows as much a 3x more performance for Samsung’s SoC vs Apple’s.

    I’ll take Exynos over Tegra2 in a hearthbeat. Preliminary benchmarks with unoptimised drivers put them on par with each other and Sammy promised 5x the performance for the new Soc over Hummingbird. (Altough 5x the poygon count probably be around twice as fast in real world performance, still far better than what the Tegra2 can do.)

  27. Samsung’s Exynos! That’s it! Isn’t it supposed to be better than the Tegra 2? I’ve heard arguments between the two, so I’m not sure which is better.

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