Amazon App Store Titles Adding Up

Following Amazon’s announcement that Rovio’s Angry Birds Rio would be launched in their Android app store exclusively, the first crop of apps to be distributed through their store have popped up. There aren’t many surprises here: a few games, a couple of utility and productivity apps, and more are present. A total of 48 apps have apparently been added.

We couldn’t check it out for ourselves, though, as we were met with a page with nothing but our recommendations whether or not we were logged in. We’ll be looking out to see if it comes back up, though I’m sure it’s nothing most of you will be rushing to see. [via Android Community]


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  • jr

    so why is there gonna be 3 appstore?

  • Josh

    3? theres more than that. i get several emails a week from various app stores wanting me to upload my apps to their app store.

  • Brad 2

    Same here Josh. Those emails go straight into the trash.


  • dmcman73

    Can you say….competition brings lower prices and better developer support? Not only will this benefit us…but it will benefit the developers as well. If they don’t like what one app store is doing for them…they can move to another instead of losing them all together. Imagine…a free open market.

  • Dan

    I understand Amazon is gonna try to run the gamut inbetween google’s and apples’ appstore policies but they’re coming in way too late in the game. Seriously Angry birds rovio is there big offering but at this point how many people haven’t been bored to death by the hundreds of levels already played.

  • Rick James

    “We’re sorry the app you paid money for won’t load..Our DRM police can’t connect and verify you actually bought this”

  • jean

    if they cant do sync / OTA install then android market is still the best app market out there.

  • Roy

    Angry Birds? Angry Birds? Angry Birds? When? I m so Angry!!

  • daveloft

    The DRM policy isn’t that bad Rick James. It only checks the first time, not every time. So if you can actually log in and buy the game then you have a connection to verify it. Stop freaking out about nothing.

  • AdamW

    Nuts, I saw that big red N and thought for a split second it might be Netflix. Just a split second though until my logic kicked in and I remembered Netflix doesn’t know how to write an Android app…

  • Boobies

    I dont like this, they should stick with only using Android Marked. Btw, i just browsed Opera Mobile Store, and saw, u could get Beautiful Widgets for free, other than that, its very crappy

  • Brad 2

    Rick James, just more proof in my idiom: Never trust anybody with two first names.


  • riz

    Just curious, if a dev goes amazon app store does that mean they are not in the android market on our android phones?

  • CTown

    @ riz

    No, if the dev wants to put their app on both stores, its fine. But if Amazon makes a deal with a dev, that dev might only put his or her app only on Amazon’s store (at least for a little while).

  • timmyjoe42

    I would think you can put it in both markets, it would just be a matter of how much each market would skim off your sales.

  • Big Wang

    Why anyone would put their app on Amazon with the stupid dev restrictions? Dumb!

  • Álmos

    Developers: if you make your shit amazon-only, I’ll warez it, even if I didn’t want to use it.

  • joe

    android needs this to grow more so am all for it.

  • ari-free

    Álmos if you warez it, I’ll let everyone know that the pirated version has all kinds of trojans and viruses.

  • Mr. Truth

    @Álmos to you and anyone like you. blow us.

  • Android Fan

    @Álmos. You stupid. You don’t need warez it because any app on Amazon is freely available at many othe App stores. Not sure they available outside of Asia yet but there would be many way to get access to just need to go get your research it. Don’t blame Amazon for wanting to be part of biggest OS on planet. Many stores the better. Those idiots who want to pay for Apps go to Android store like Amazon. Those who spend the time and smart like us know where to get the Apps for free. This why Android rocks. Go Android! Whoop!

  • ari-free

    If you want games like Infinity Blade and Rage to come to android then Amazon is the way to get them there. Android has the hardware, the OS support (Opengl, SD, etc) and marketshare for great games to come but Market is holding it back.

  • John Mike

    @12 Doh!

  • Ace Curry

    Developers have to pay $99/year to host on Amazon’s App Store (with the first year being free). Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Google cheaper than that? Why would developers host on the Amazon app store and not the Google app store? Is it the 30% fee which Google charges? How much does Amazon charge?

  • Joe

    How I linux amazon