Video Chat With Your iOS Friends Using Qik


Skype has just announced that their newly-acquired Qik has released Video Connect for iOS devices. The app enables iOS users to video call without using Face Time, and it means those of us on Android have another way to chat with our Apple fanatic friends. We were hoping Skype would just release a version of their app with video calling built-in – something they promised would happen by now – but we’ll take what we can get. Tell your friends on iOS to download it in their app store, and make sure you’ve already gotten it from the Android market. [via IntoMobile]

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  1. why is this a story????

  2. I think it’s a great story for those people who use video chat. There’s no need to dismiss it just because it involves iOS.

  3. So what’s wrong with Tango?

  4. Skype needs to work on a smaller, more stable version of their Android app. it takes up SO MUCH SPACE, and is so laggy. also causes instability when i “move to SD card”, then my whole card gets corrupted. uninstalled it since.

  5. Why don’t you mention that this won’t work with any phones for Verizon. Lame post.

  6. umm skype does own qik so technically they are putting out the video conf app just as they said that they would by this time …

  7. Yet Qik (default app) doesn’t do video chat. You need to install the qik for XXX to do video chat.

  8. did qik release a video chat app available on the android market?

  9. But…. Qik sucks?

  10. Is Fring on ios? I thought it worked great.

  11. I keep waiting for some grand strategy from Skype that justifies their weird product moves (and non-moves). They seem like their huge installed base has blinded them to what they’re leaving on the table, and they’re about as chaotic as Nokia. Great that they were the first mover, but come on guys – step it up!

  12. I’ve always found Qik, fring AND skype to be buggy as sh*t. Videochatting has a long way to go before it becomes one of my main methods of communication.

    Also, what iOS friends? :)

  13. Does anyone know that Yahoo Messenger does video calling on iOS, Android and PC?

  14. Been using tango, works great, epic 4g

  15. Yahoo Messenger is a good platform, but it only works with a few phones (Last time I checked Evo & MyTouch 4G) and running 2.2+

  16. QIK is available for Atrix, does it with they Skype users too since they are the same company??

  17. Wow, good article but lacks a little bit more information other than go to market and download the app.

    This is what I did straight away readin this post since I haven’t ever heard about qik. And as further I go I start to figure why.

    First, and really important, did you bother to read the market comments about qik? People is having countless issues with it.

    Second, there is Fring which works flawlessly on both devices and is a real video-call-chat.

    I’m not discouraging this type of stories, iOS will not die tomorrow and we like it or not is there, so we need to find reliable cross platform apps but sincerely this qik app, sucks big ones.

    Now, I keep loving phandroid :)

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