Staples to Carry Honeycomb Tablet Offerings from Motorola, Samsung, Dell, HTC & Toshiba

A document from within Staples has revealed the retailer’s tablet plans for the coming year. Outlook? A whole lot of Honeycomb. Motorola’s WiFi-only XOOM is up there slated for April – something we’ve heard before – and a bunch from other manufacturers are present as well.

HTC, Samsung, Dell, and Toshiba are all said to be sending their wares to Staples, but those only have dates of “coming soon”. We already know of Samsung’s 8.9 inch offering set to be announced next week at CTIA, and Toshiba’s tablet has also been confirmed. Dell and HTC are new, though, so we’ll be on the lookout for information regarding those. [via Droid-Life]

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  • danbutter

    Well at least I know where I can go to check them all out at once.
    Still hoping toshiba can keep the price down since I like their tab the best on paper.

  • andrew53517

    Love it! Definitely holding out so I can choose which honeycomb tablet is the best! Very excited!

  • Wireless Fool

    Staples will also be selling phones. I believe they already do in LA and Seattle. Same company as Cartoys and Wireless Advocates in Costcos. However, I have no idea how they will compare pricewise.

  • htc fan

    but how can this be? HTC has not even announced a date for their 7 inch gingerbread tablet. How can a 10 inch honey comb tablet be be coming soon?

  • J.

    HTC 10″ honeycomb device…. #want

  • Treknologist

    This is why I’ve decided to wait before getting a Honeycomb tablet. With several manufacturers releasing them, I want to see what’s out there before choosing. The only thing I know for certain is that I’m getting a Honeycomb tablet. :)

  • jmax

    Agreed. Regardless of the hardware, this will be much better than that despicable Flyer.

  • MJA

    HTC 10in honeycomb! Wouldn’t this only make sense? I don’t understand why HTC would be releasing a 4G version of the flyer called the HTC evo view at CTIA like has been speculated. It was believed that that there was going to be a 10in model along with the flyer. Have we forgotten about that, and strategically wouldn’t it make more sense for sprint to come out with a 10in to compete with the xoom when they already have a 7in and no ten. This is no surprise, but welcome as I’ve been waiting on a tablet from htc.

  • ari-free

    the ‘despicable’ flyer that you can actually use to do real work on. All these other tablets are toys.

  • Mitchell

    wow! i thought i was sold on the xoom wifi, but lookingt at all of these choices, i think i will wait!

  • lattelady

    CAN’T WAIT, but must wait!!!!! Competition is a beautiful thing!!!! I bought my Nexus One blindly,sight unseen. This time around I’d like a chance to test live to decide, even knowing the specs. :)

  • tyler

    i love the fact the pic say says examaple if they have a android phone they prefer honeycomb

  • J.

    LoL…I love how you guys keep erasing the link I post…this is Android News…and you dont want it posted because its linked to another Android Website….smh… Losers…

  • ari-free

    I can’t wait to see Dell’s. This is their turf since tablets are more like real computers than phones.

  • greg t.

    HTC 10″ honeycomb device

  • RAE

    I wonder who will be handling the ASUS tablets. I’m looking forward to their Transformer.

  • sk

    what about samsung galaxy tab 10.1?

  • Ace Curry

    @RAE Agreed 100%. That Eee Pad MeMo looks super badass.

  • Brent

    HTC 10″ ? Anyone have more nfo?

  • ari-free

    I remember the leaked Dell roadmap said something about a tablet with handwriting recognition. HTC and asus really needs to add handwriting in order to make their stylus feature really worthwhile.

  • Myshine53

    just wanna get one. what do u say