Google I/O Registration Opens for Previous Attendees


While Google I/O registration won’t open for everyone for another week or so, attendees of last year’s event are now receiving their go-ahead for pre-registration for the biggest Google event of the year. Those individuals registering early are even entitled to a special discounted rate, but space is limited for registration at that price. We’ve received word that some of last year’s attendees have already completed registration for this year.

You won’t be able to register if you did not receive and early invite, so if you didn’t find one in your inbox you will have to wait like everyone else.

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  1. “As a token of our appreciation for being a key developer partner, we’d like to invite you to register for Google I/O 2011 at the Early Bird price of $450”

  2. I hope there will be openings for those of us who were unable to attend in previous years.

  3. @wolverineguy I believe there will be openings. last year registration sold out during prerelease however it sounds like they have sent a total of 3000 preregistration emails..first batch that went out to ions(1500) and this batch sent today that went out to the devs that attended last year(1500).

    And I believe there were about 5000 attendees last year…assuming theres still 5000 total tickets for this years event it seems that there should be at least 2000 tickets available when registration opens up.

    When registration opens you should register immediately!!! :)

  4. I went to io last year, but haven’t been invited for pre-registration. Anybody have an idea why this could be?

  5. @jdavet did you go as a student last year? If so …then that is why. Google did not send preReg invites to students from what I have heard.

  6. Apparently the entire conference sold out in 59 minutes. It would be interesting to know how many of the registrants are really interested in attending the conference. Probably half of them are only after the gifts and will only show up to pick stuff up. After all; pay $550 and pick up an expected total of $800 in gifts in May. Many go for it and maybe naively believe they can have the stuff shipped or have someone pick it up for them. But I think Google realize this has gone crazy and will change policies.

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