HTC Thunderbolt WILL Feature Mobile Hotspot at Launch


When we first obtained a copy of internal word that the HTC Thunderbolt would be capable of simultaneous voice and data over 3G, it was accompanied by notice that Mobile Hotspot functionality would not be included at launch. When Engadget got their hands on a revised version of the same notice the text was updated to state that the Thunderbolt will indeed be ready to go out of the box for Mobile Hotspot functionality. As the Verizon document states, “Great news!”

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Who cares. I get it for free anyway whether its “supported” or not.

  2. Phandroid is on the ball with all this breaking news, sweet

  3. “For an extra price of $20/month you can now “share” what you already paid for”
    Fuck Verizon!

  4. so then does this mean that skype will also launch with video support since the hot spot was a lie 2

  5. If it is like sprint then people are going to love it if they have a tablet. For the computer it is too slow. In AZ they claim to have 4g but it is nowhere to be found. At least on sprint they tell you they are screwing you with the extra charges for the same speed. I use it on my evo with my iPad and it works great. verizon is horrible in AZ

  6. Oh really? Well Im glad verizons going to let me pay $20 a month. When ya know I could just use wireless tether for free.

  7. AndroidToy said it best, Fuck Verizon!

  8. Ah yes, nothing quite as sneaky as sometime stealing something from you & making you pay THEM for the privilege of getting it back. Hey isn’t that called kidnapping???

  9. really because im rooted and whe n i need the wireless tether for my computer it is actually really fast so i dont know what your talking about

  10. im not surprised because it’s a feature that verizon, along with every other carrier, has and will continue to, charge and cap. Unlike att, us cellular, and a couple outhers, verizon still has unlimited data on the handset, where i reach anywhere from 4-10 gigs/mo

  11. correction *others
    for anyone deciding to attack my comment based only on spelling

  12. I”ll be rooting this baby anyway. F*ck carriers and manufacturers, just give me the hardware.

  13. so does verizon currently charge for tethering like at&t? i have a N1 on tmo and no charges for tethering.

  14. Question for all…I want the thunderbolt bad, but I’m wondering if I would have to switch my unlimited 3G data plan to a 4G plan?

  15. I want a Thunderbolt, but I like these features of the HTC Desire HD:

    HTC Desire HD – A Closer Look

    Senses when it’s tucked away in a bag: it rings louder. If you’re in a meeting, the volume drops when picked up. When it’s flipped over, it goes silent:

    The caller ID displays Facebook status updates, etc.:

    Integrated compass when using maps (to point you in the right direction/turning/knows orientation):

    Will the Thunderbolt have these features?

    I am assuming the Thunderbolt will incorporate HTCSense.com features:
    -make it ring at top volume/change volume/switch from vibrate from your computer to locate your phone if you’ve misplaced it nearby.
    -If you’ve left it at home, you can send/receive texts, forward your calls to another number.
    -If you’ve lost it, you can lock it from your computer, and send a message for it to display in case someone (nice) finds it.


  16. Why is vzw not giving us the release date of this phone? What is the point of keeping this a secret?

  17. Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

  18. hows the battery life?

  19. I can’t wait for this phone to come out. I’ll be the first in line to get it. Ive been waiting for months to dump my 2 year old iphone 3g. The vibrator broke months ago. One of the speakers broke shortly thereafter. Now, the memory is going out – no longer recognizes any music on the phone. This thing needs to be buried.

  20. Supposedly it will come out on the 24th of February and will be $249 for two year $329 for 1 year. It is rumored “droidlife” to have 768 mb ram 1.2 snapdragon processor htc sense 2.0 and will have verizons 4g. I will own one.

  21. u guys are idiots. AT&T has shitty coverage and worse customer support. Verizon is the best with great support. as for the Thunderbolt its only $199, not $250. and it IS coming out on feb. 14th. got confirmation from a best buy rep today.

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