BestBuy Sells Ideos S7 Tablet… Did You Know? [VIDEO]

This holiday season, a few main tablets stole the spotlight: the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, NOOKcolor, Kindle of course… what else was widely available and heavily promoted? Call me out-of-the-know, but visiting the Huawei booth at CES I was given a tour of pretty much all their Android devices, and was quite surprised to find they’ve been selling their Ideos S7 Tablet at BestBuy for MONTHS now.

Their booth was rightfully crowded, but bear with us as we browse around and capture some of Huawei’s Android Goodness:

Seriously, check your local BestBuy and you’ll probably find that the Ideos S7 is readily available, at least it was in my area.

In terms of their upcoming phones, I’m rather partial to the looks of the Huawei Ideos X6. For some reason, the combination between the curves and the blockiness I find pretty striking. It almost reminds me of the Xperia X10 but for some reason, I really like the looks of it. Apparently there is a bunch of carrier interest, so we’ll have to see where these devices land. Both the Ideos X5 and X6 will find a home somewhere in the US in 2011… at least that’s what we’re told.

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  • Paul T

    Galaxy Tab, not Pad.. just sayin… :)

  • Ghaleon

    Ugh, that thing is garbage. Sluggish with a low quality resistive touch screen.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    eh…7″. Ill pay for the extra 3″! :wink wink:

  • Simon

    wow! So cheap yet looks so great!

  • J.

    I saw it at Best Buy…it Sucks…it was slow and unresponsive…

  • Jimmy

    Ditto on the slowness and unresponsiveness. I wouldn’t even buy it for $99. Not worth the frustration.

  • Chimphappyhour

    The more tablets I play with, the more I realize, “Wow! These things are greatly over-priced.”

  • LP

    I have seen them at best buy, did not like them at all, very slow and touch screen unresponsive.

  • mrmojoz

    Rooted Nookcolor remains the price/performance king of the tablet world.

  • austin

    @mrmojoz i completley agree although i took mine back the day i saw the g slate

  • pacman

    No offense, but this OP reeks of plug & paid. The device is sluggish and blurry resistive display. Also, the product line is complimented as being good by default which also fits plug & paid.

  • Andrude

    My local Best Buy has had it since sometime in December I think. No matter, I’m just waiting for my Notion Ink Adam to arrive.

  • brad

    I bought one a while back for more devices to test on. Its not a bad idea to test your app on a resistive screen device.

  • icedemon

    Oh i remember seeing that their. It sit right beside two Galaxy Tabs in the Best Buys around here. I tried to use it but got frustrated at how unresponsive it was.

  • bubba

    Yea; Best Buy has plenty of the Huawei tablets in stock because they suck! Slow, horrible restrictive screens. Junk.

  • DrFill

    It’s not unresponsive if you use your fingernail to navigate it.

    Every feature it is designed to do, it does well (Wifi, GPS, …) Some people even use it as a phone. I like it, except for the battery.

  • Mike Wong

    Yup. it has resistive touch… that’s the part I hate about the device. I purchased it few days before Christmas and used it for one day.. Return it the next day. The S7 will be awesome if it has capacitive touch… overall it’s much better than Viewsonic G tablet…

  • José

    The screen works better with the stylis that it comes with. I was told that by April of this it will be upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2 and will be faster.