Verizon Makes Samsung Fascinate and Motorola Droid Pro Updates Official


While the maintenance update for the Samsung Fascinate has been making its way to phones for the last few days and a similar update to the Motorola Droid Pro stretches all the way back to December, Verizon just dropped us a line to officially announce the two. You can head over to the Fascinate and Droid Pro support pages for all the info, but you probably already know all of that.

The good news is you can attempt to force the updates by navigating to Settings > About Phone > System Updates if you haven’t received yours yet.

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  1. Updated mine this morning. So far so good.

  2. What exactly does. This maintenance update prepare for?

  3. doom DOOM!!!

  4. Click on the links above for your model.
    The Fascinate features are:
    Ability to change the reminder time and alert tone for
    calendar events.
    + Improved the update consistency of the feed and widgets.
    + Music now pauses if you unplug your wired headset or turn off your Bluetooth® headset. + Improved stand-alone GPS performance. + Increased security by hiding your 3G Mobile Hotspot password while typing.+ Ability to open any PDF attachments sent in an email. + Ability to use special characters in corporate email passwords. + Enhanced backlight display for the bottom four buttons on the device to now follow the device display timer setting. + Widgets now refresh based on the defined refresh time interval. + If already in a locked state, the device will now remain locked when placed in the desk dock or car dock

  5. I like it. Hell, if Flash was included I’d have thought it was 2.2. So far this update is great and it should calm down some of the haters out there. Or maybe not. haha

  6. I updated my Fascinate this morning. It stayed on the Verizon splash screen for a while, but eventually went to my home screen. Anyone know what that new icon (it appeared after the update) in my status bar is; looks like a reticle or crosshairs with three waves coming out? I tried enabling and disabling different wireless & networks settings as well as location & security settings, and none of them did anything with this icon.

  7. did it last night for my wife’s phone. seemed to fix all gps issues. good job samsung/verizon

  8. Does some strange things with USB, now, though. I haven’t tried connecting to a Windows box, yet, but upon first connecting to my Ubuntu lappy, it’ll appear as a CD; a few minutes later, the phone will show USB connected and I can mount. The way to get around this is to enable USB debugging.

    As for that icon, E911…why it’s appearing now, I don’t know.

  9. new icon appears to be some kind of location service. Based on other Droid posts, it doesn’t affect battery life. Haven’t figured out how to get rid of it

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