Motorola Atrix 4G Transforming AT&T’s Android Lineup on March 1st?


For all the hoopla surrounding the Motorola Atrix 4G from an impressive CES showing to numerous ads all over television for the past week, little is known about when we can actually get our hands on one through AT&T. An internal leak seems to be pointing towards March 1st as the date, however.

The Atrix 4G is quite the smartphone: dual-core processor, HSPA+, and the ability to dock into a laptop or desktop-like experience with a build of Linux running a full desktop Firefox experience. But let’s not forget the carrier it is coming to. WIth shoddy coverage and a known history of seriously gimping the openness of their Android devices, AT&T should have us feeling a little bit worried about how well they handle the Atrix.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. meh, Samsung Orion is where it’s at :)

  2. The phones ugly. And too thick.

  3. I think it’s a nice phone but Samsung Orion is where it’s at :) It’ll blow this phone out of the water.

  4. Hmm.. Bit later then I was hoping.. Most early rumors had it for late jan release.. Don’t care about coverage, I’m buying it for telstra in Australia.

    Also march release will hurt in lieu of verizon iphone momentum / sales.

  5. I’m still hoping for a feb 5th/6th release as the Best Buy leak showed…

  6. when droid bionic releasing?

  7. How does att have shoddy coverage? I drive allover socal and I’m never outta 3g. I kno I’m buying the phone when it comes out

  8. Motorola Atrix with motoblur on at&t will be like a very beautiful and intelligent woman with herpies and clamyidia

  9. But why Firefox and not Chrome?

  10. Lol! Too frigging funny jevyjav!

  11. Have fun with your Samsung and not get any updates. That and their cheap plastic they use. Oh, and lets not forget their terrible coders they have working. This phone is sick and nothing will touch it for a while.

  12. The name of the phone is killing me
    Motorola Atrix, Matrix, Dominatrix…

  13. More importantly is this thing as crippled as Droid 2 and Milestone?

    If I can’t get CM on it why bother buying it?

  14. have had no problems with AT&T coverage with my iPad. It has worked well where ever we have travelled

  15. If its Samsung its useless, Samsung equates frustration and rip off, not updates, doesn’t matter if they offer gold at ten cents a pound, they cant be trusted.Oo

  16. Let’s hope the Bionic comes out around then as well.

  17. I would pick this up in a heartbeat if it was on VZW or T-Mo

  18. Moto Blur is the ugliest UI out there and I’m not rooting just to change the skin, so fuck motorola.

  19. Not only that, even rooting it can’t get rid of the skin due to an encrypted bootloader. F Motorola indeed.

  20. Atrix is Awesome. Hope T Mobile does get it, now that’s a great phone!

  21. how is this phone to thick, what yall want, a phone as thin as paper, and as soon as it hit the floor the screen shatters, stop being so dumd, that phone is at a perfect thickness and prolly durable and dont feel all cheap and what not

  22. how is this phone to thick, what yall want, a phone as thin as paper, and as soon as it hit the floor the screen shatters, stop being so dumd, that phone is at a perfect thickness and prolly durable and dont feel all cheap and what not.

  23. The phone specs on this thing are sick. But I noticed there was NO GOOGLE BRANDING on the back of the device, so look for att crapware, and bing all over this bastard.

  24. The phone specs are sick. But the lack of Google branding on the back of the phone = at@T, Moto, and bing crapware. If this thing was a vanilla Google experience phone, I would be leaving verizon today!

  25. anyone else concerned by QHD display ? such resolution is not supported in Android’s sdk which might result in UI anomolies and problems

  26. I wonder if I can get a job writing here.. Lets see … Internet rumour blah blah AT&T sucks blah blah AT&T has terrible coverage blah blah a few more made up facts to act like I know something blah blah blah oh yeah AT&T is shit. I will end with verizon rules AT&T drools.

    Kevin please just stop writing now you seriously stink.

  27. Seriously, what is up with all the AT&T slamming that goes on with all these tech blogs. I have AT&T 3G where I live and it makes Verizon look like a snail. I have great voice coverage as well. On another note, I’m very much looking forward to the Atrix 4G, I’m curious what the extra horsepower will bring to android as a whole.

  28. I AM SO GETTING THIS. but still having trouble thinking of getting Atrix with Dual Core or the Inspire. hmm decisions decisions

  29. I, as have many people, have been following the ATRIX for a while. I have seen this March 1st realease b4 but read that it is a “place holder” in the sales system. Also I have read that Att usually doesn’t put the phones on their website unless it is 2-3 weeks away from launch. This date doesn’t go along with the CES announcement stating in the coming weeks. Why would Att release it AFTER the Verizon iPhone? I’m sill holding out hope for a late Jan/early Feb release so Att can/will steal some of Verison’s thunder with the iPhone…. I’ve had iPhones since I’ve been with Att and never had service problems even with the iP4… I’m just ready for a more customizable UI and a more open phone. I was hoping Phandrod wouldn’t hop on the Mar 1st “inside leaks” wagon, but I guess I was wrong…

  30. Verizon* stupid iPhone keypad! Another reason I want an Android phone Haha

  31. If the Atrix was being released at the end of January, then I would have hopped on it. Now that it’s moved back to March, I might wait to see if Samsung, HTC or any others can step their game up with a dual core as well…

  32. The Samsung Orion will kick ass.. but it’s still a while off.. right now, i think you’d be crazy to get anything less the either the Atrix or Optimus 2x.

    They destroy any HTC offering..

    The only sucky point about Motorola is the locked boot loader.. other then that everything else is industry best currently.

  33. kinda dumb to wait till after MWC. I thought they would release it be4 MWC to avoid direct competition with Samsung Galaxy S2.

  34. as Nite_Hawk’s comment shows, it’s not about their coverage, or their network.. The crappy iPhone antennas have given AT&T a bad rap.. but foolish people who refused to believe their god phone might be the problem, will now move over to Verizon and suddenly they will be right, as their new phones with fixed antennas magically work better.

  35. I have to agree with Denis above. The iPhone is available on all carriers here in the UK and still has problems with dropped calls.
    Also, I’m writing to Moto now. I know it will do nothing, but at least I can vent my frustration with this concept. They make a crazy powerful phone with the cool concept of docking, obviously aimed at power users and geeks, and they put the horrible, non-professional, Moto Blur skin on it and lock their bootloader. Who do they want to be excited about this phone? Carriers is the only answer I can come up with.

  36. Now that the iPhone is no longer exclusive, let’s hope AT&T goes full speed with newer and better Android phones. Could redeem themselves afterall.

  37. @Aeiries,

    At&T better, or they are done for! It does look like they are launching quite a bit of new Androids.

  38. AT&T has historically not updated any of their Android phone OS’s. Couple that with the fact that their network is suspect. I have AT&T for work and Verizon for personal and Sprint for a USB data stick… I can say that if I didn’t travel, Sprint and Verizon would be both just fine. But once I get out of the city Verizon shines and Sprint really shows the limits of their back end connections. AT&T works better than Sprint in the country, but works the same as Verizon. And AT&T simply stinks compared to Sprint and Verizon in the city. So I may end up with an Atrix for work, Bionic for personal, and keep the Sprint data stick as a backup device only.

  39. I know Moto’s rep with their bootloaders as of late, and I’m not optimistic about the status of the Atrix’s bootloader, but does anyone have any SOLID info regarding whether or not it will be locked down? The Droid X/2 are running omap chipsets that have that security built into them. Call it naive, but I’m holding out hope that the Captivate and the death of the iphone exclusivity agreement are turning points for AT&T. Say what you want about Samsung, but that phone was wide open. Rooted and flashed in less 30 mins if you know what you’re doing.

  40. So what exactly sucks about Motoblur? Does it affect the ability to have a “live” wallpaper on this phone or any phone with Motoblur? Sorry for the noob questions? I just really like this phone and I’m waiting for it to come out.

  41. att will hopefully have high end phone once apple leaves. also will att android market change too? i cant wait for reviews for atrix!

  42. U guys are idiots its the strongest and fastest smartphone out there with 1gh of Ram and twice as much pixels per second this is obviously the best phone money can buy right now.. plus u can hook it up to a lab top or tv now thats sick. with a 4in screen and running android 2.2 theres no phone thats better then it and it is very thin maybe not thinner then the samsung Infuse but it is still thin…..

  43. what is MSRP on this? I’ve seen anywhere from 350 to 700 in some articles. I think 700 is ridiculous, considering it will come with a contract and not be priced like an I-Pad. its not a tablet after all.

  44. 700! Shit! I will only buy if it’s 500 or less.

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