Acer, AsusTek, Toshiba, and Samsung all to use Tegra 2 for 2011 Tablet Offerings



DigiTimes have just dropped word that some of the world’s major consumer electronics manufacturers – Asustek, Acer, Toshiba, and Samsung – will be adopting NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core chipset for use in tablets starting next year. While none of these manufacturers have specifically targeted any launch windows, we’re going to assume that at least Samsung and Toshiba aren’t aiming for Q1.

But Samsung is expected to use the Tegra 2 in their flagship Galaxy devices, according to analysts via Forbes. It’s quite the claim considering Samsung’s been developing a dual-core chip of their own which most people expect will go into their own products, just as the Hummingbird did with the Galaxy S and Tab.

We already knew LG and Motorola – even bigger names than some on the list above – were in on it, but Samsung joining that list comes as a bit of a shocker for their Galaxy line. When NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun mentioned last month that Samsung was among their list of most important partners, we figured Samsung were looking to put the technology to work in their internet-connected televisions, blu-ray players, and netbooks.

Unfortunately for Samsung, their competitors will have beat them to the table if they don’t have a product ready to launch in Q1: Motorola is expected to show their Honeycomb tablet and phone off at the upcoming CES trade show, LG already has phones announced and ready for release in a few regions, and they could easily steal any thunder Samsung planned to roll.

If Samsung is indeed planning to unveil a Tegra 2 Honeycomb tablet for Q1 or early Q2, expect to see them doing it at the Mobile World Congress in February or at the big CTIA show in March, just as they did their Galaxy S line. The rumor of a Galaxy Tab refresh coming in Q1 is already roaming the interwebs, and this might be the first bit of concrete confirmation we’ve gotten to support those claims.

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  1. its great to know that nvidia is on the top when it comes to ARM based processors.i think tegra is better than samsung’s humming bird processor.
    nvidia was a great leader in GPU for all these years and i have been using their graphic cards for almost 6 years. i hope they can replicate the same success here too.
    people just go and check out the whitepaper published by nvidia on the benefits of dual core processors.

  2. Would not be surprised if samsung’s orion did a all-kill just like they did with hummingbird this year.

  3. Wasn’t there a rumor that HTC will use Tegra 2 as well? They might be waiting for the dual core Qualcomm chip, though, which sucks. I want a Tegra tablet from HTC.

  4. Samsung is one of their most important partners because of the chip foundries. Samsung could make millions of Tegra 2 processors, and not USE a single one. :)

    That said, there’s probably another reason why Nvidia is getting all of this love…Google may be doing for the Tegra 2 with 3.0 what they did for the Snapdragon in 2.2, making the T2 the official unofficial SoC for the Google Experience tablet.

  5. Why on EARTH would Samsung use a Tegra 2 when they have their own dual-core processors being made and ready starting in January?? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Samsung Orion is going to be better than Tegra 2 and possibly the new TI OMAP and Qualcomm Dual-Cores.

  6. croak that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard (well not really).

    nvidia’s tegra 2 chips are made on tsmc’s 40nm process just like all their other chips because they get a massive discount amongst other things. everybody else in the chip industry is still using 45nm tech.

  7. 2FR35H is absolutely right. I don’t understadn why Sammies would use Tegra2 when they have Orion up their sleeves. Orion chips are going to be spectacular. I am not convinced Sammies would use them on their Galaxy lines. But for any other application, why not?

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