Dec 14th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:59 pm

The creator of GMail, who is currently a Facebook employee, has tweeted a prediction that may or may not have you pretty shocked: Android will kill or swallow Chrome OS within the next year:


Ever since Chrome was launched – first the browser, then the extensions, then Chrome OS – critics have wondered how the two Google initiatives would co-exist when they overlapped in so many areas. Last year I discussed this exact topic, and it seems even the founder and CEO of Google couldn’t agree on whether Android and Chrome would converge or integrate. With an in-the-know tech exec making such a bold prediction, one can only assume Android and Chrome are, at least to some degree, on a collision course.

Our friends at recently got their hands on Google’s first official piece of Google Chrome Hardware, the CR-48 Chrome Notebook, and first opinons are across the board. It’s interesting to note that some critics believe Chrome OS is a transitional device, and, much like Android- simply needs some time to grow and mature.

Only time will tell, but since the bigwigs are having their say, can’t we have ours?

[Via ChromeSpot]