Sep 24th, 2010

Well I guess we can throw any doubt regarding a Tegra-powered (most likely Tegra 2) Android handset by Motorola out of the window as NVIDIA’s CEO – Jen-Hsun Huang – confirmed they were working with Motorola and that they were one of their biggest long term customers (alongside Samsung and LG, whom we’ve already known about having close ties with NVIDIA). This all went down yesterday in a fireside chat at NVIDIA’s own GPU Technology Conference. This follows a rumor that broke a couple of days ago regarding a phone called the Motoroal Droid T2 which – you guessed it – will be coming with a dual-core Tegra 2 chipset on board.


We know Motorola’s working on a tablet, at the very least – codenamed the Stingray – but even that can’t be confirmed at this time. Even so, we’re told to look out for new codenames by the manufacturer looking to fight their way back to the top of the charts. These codenames would be the Motorola Venus (the aforementioned Droid T2), the Everest, and the Olympus (we have no idea what types of devices the latter two will be if they ever come to fruition.)

We expect to hear about at least one of these devices before the year closes, and then we’ll be looking forward to Motorola laying the smack down on the smartphone and tablet game as 2011 gets underway.

[via EEtimes, AaM]

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