Dec 14th, 2010


A few of you have raced to your computers and made no delay in letting us know that your HTC Magic has pulled down an update and it wasn’t just for maintenance: you got Froyo! Those on Vodafone might be late to the party, but the saying goes that you’re better late than never. It sure is a lot better than being stuck on Android 1.6 where A LOT of new apps aren’t supported. And folks from as far away as Serbia are seeing an update, as well, but we can’t confirm which carrier that is. As for you Vodafone folks, everything you need to know is straight ahead.  [via Vodafone] [Thanks, CikaBole!]

PS: You’ll be getting everything that Froyo enables except WiFi Hotspot support, Live Wallpapers, and Flash video. Surely you understand why: the phone just isn’t powerful enough to do all of that. Look forward to everything else, though!

How will customers get the latest software?

Customers’ devices will receive an automatic notification when the update is available for their handset. They can then choose to accept the update by following the on screen prompts or perform it later.
The roll out of the software is phased, so not all customers will receive this notification at once.
Because it is quite a large update, we’d recommend customers carry it out over WiFi, although it is possible to download it over 3G or GPRS.
The update is a two step download which will be triggered by automatic notification to the customer’s handset. The first step will change the bootloader. The second step will install FroYo after the phone has rebooted.

Checking software versions

To check which version of software the HTC Magic has:
1. Press the menu key, then touch “Settings”, scroll down to and touch “About phone”
2. The software version will be displayed here

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