Sony Ericsson Anzu — Successor to the Xperia X10 — Seen in Spy Shot [UPDATE: More Pics]



The Sony Ericsson Xperia line of phone have been a bit underwhelming to make an understatement, but the manufacturer is chugging forward and the first shot of the supposed successor to the X10 has been spied. The phone — which is now going by the Anzu codename but could eventually earn the title X12 — is said to have a 4.3-inch display, HDMI out, and a slim profile. Seen here running Android 2.1, the source over at the Xperia X10 Blog says this thing will be up to Gingerbread by launch.

Further, Engadget states that this new device is being developed along SE’s project Zeus, the Playstation Phone, and taking design cues like the silver hardware Android buttons seen on both phones into account, it makes sense. That phone was also recently spied running a lower version of Android despite sources promising Gingerbread at launch. Word is both handsets could see a simultaneous reveal shortly before or after Christmas (CES makes sense), and the Anzu might also get access to the same Playstation game platform, though there isn’t much info to confirm or deny that either way.

All I know is it’s about damn time SE puts out something worthwhile, so I am pulling for their upcoming handsets to succeed where their early efforts faltered.

[Update]: A few more pics have surfaced:



[via Xperia X10 Blog, thanks James]

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  1. lol at android 2.1

  2. NO Not 4.3″ 3.8″ or MAX 4″ screen size, 4.3″ is a small tablet 4″ is a large phone…..

  3. knowing SE, it’ll probably be released in Q4 2011 with the then outdated android 2.3 and stuck there for eternity.

  4. X10 comes with 1.6 everyone else has 2.1 or more
    New X12 has 1.6 everyone else has 2.2 or more

    yeah, i got an X10, but once my contract is up, im not buying another Sony Ericsson

  5. I boldly predict it will launch no sooner than April 2011, and it will still be running 2.1, making it over a year obsolete at launch.

  6. they spend so long pissing about with their own custom interfaces they cant keep up. if they would just release a phone without mucking around with it then they could have upto date technology. their reach always exceeds their grasp. i had an X1 and X2. nice concept but ruined by too much crap. slide view, panels, winmo, spb… all crammed into one device. they still havent learnt from their mistakes.

    just release a nice android phone with the latest operating system and be done with it. if they do have to have a custom UI then outsource to someone who knows what theyre doing!

  7. Forget it. It will be obsolete by the time it gets to market.Will never buy SE phones again until they wake up from their slumber.They are always behind time.Never up to date.

  8. There is a side shot of this phone on Engadget showing how thin it is.

  9. I’ve read all the comments about SE and there all negative. Who runs a company like this other the state of California. They make a phone that’s out of date and then takes one year to update it and keeps stalling while customers complain and bail. This is not going to end well for SE if they don’t get their heads out of their you know what. I thought about buying an X10, but no way I’ll go near this company.

  10. I want a new phone with a 4.5″ screen (with little bezel on the edges)

  11. Will be upgraded to 2.2 in 2012

  12. I truly sympathize with all you disgruntled se users but the x10 fiasco isn’t enough reason to bash or troll in this “rumor” page… and I was also wondering… why whine now if you made a lot of research before you purchased your phones? (no offence meant here) And I still respect your opinions…

    I’ve used a lot of phones then and now myself (x10i and sgs right now), and I have to say that se is still one of the best out there… I still have my faith in them… I also still love my x10i, but the Anzu looks gorgeous… This will be the true flagship phone for SE, the x10 was just really a prototype for this sexy beast… But I don’t have any problems with that… it’s just only the beginning for se and the android platform… Also, if you ask me I would still prefer SE over the others… they’ve proven their worth to me…

    I’m no fanboy, just an average consumer with my two-cents on the topic… Peace

  13. Is there any chance for Xperia X10 be getting an update to Android 2.2? Please let me know. Thanks!

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