Samsung Already Showing off Galaxy Tab with Super AMOLED Display?



The Samsung Galaxy Tab has barely finished rolling out to the many corners of the world it plans to hit, but, according to OLED-Display, they are already showing off the next generation of Super AMOLED-packing tablets. The S-AMOLED Tab is said to have a WXVGA resolution of 1200×600, and was purportedly shown off at the FPD-International conference in Japan earlier this week.

But what we are seeing may just be a prototype — remember, Samsung just recently announced they would begin production of the 7-inch Super AMOLED screens next summer, and while there is no doubt it will end up in a future Tab they didn’t specifically announce the fact. Still, dreams of a beautiful Super AMOLED display at that size and resolution are enough to make a grown man whimper.

[via BGR]

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  1. i bet the battery will tast a few hours with the screen been amoled just like my sgs

  2. super amoled is supposed to be better with battery, why only a few hours?

  3. Why not make a 10 inch tablet? My mother in law has an I-pad and I think its just the right size, I definantly wouldn’t change that. A tablet the same size running android +usb and HDMI ports would be a no brainer sell for me… especially running honeycomb + T2 processor. Until then, tablets no boku.

  4. LCD’s use LED backlight at full power for all the screen area so OLED should always drain less power than LCD’s unless they are both with full screen white that sould be the same.
    We’ve been teased by 7″ OLED srceen before and I didn’t jump in Galaxy Tab because in the end it is not an OLED screen.
    Maybe the future Galaxy Tab will make it, and that’s going to be the perfect e-book for dark rooms – using black background ;)
    BTW, please allow black backgrounds across all Android user interface…

  5. samsung already stated that they will start selling the galaxy tab in brazil this month, and it will have the super-amoled display

  6. Give me that! The 7″ tablet is perfect for portability. The super amoled and top it with dual core processor, better GPU, more RAM and … Android Honeycomb:) I am in heaven.

  7. that looks lovely i want one!
    not sure about the Tab tho!

  8. I would love a 10 inch +, SAMOLED, high res tablet successor to the galaxy tab

  9. there are some real dumbasses on this board. You get way better batt life with super amoled. damn noobs lol

  10. I’m with ya JC. People who have absolutely no clue just like to spout off nonsense in here. Things like “this phone sucks” even though they have never held one or “I want it only make it about $1000 cheaper..mmmok”.

    Some of the stupidest comments I have ever seen have been right here on this site.

  11. @andy-roid Probably because of the GPU inside the SGS is fastest one out there. Twice faster than the Droid X’s GPU. That got to eat up some battery.

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