Playstation Phone or Clever Ruse?


Don’t quite know what to make of it. Not sure if I’m excited or lethargic about it. I don’t even know if it’s real or not; and I’ve seen a lot of ‘shops in my day. But heck, as much as the product may not be what I’m looking for, I love to see Android on anything!

Digressing, Engadget scored the above photo along with some hardware specifications:

  • Gingerbread
  • Sony Marketplace
  • 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1GB ROM

For a few more bits of information, and a gallery full of pictures hit the link below.

[via Engadget]

Tyler Miller

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  1. This is obviously not real. While I agree the chance of Sony making a phone/gaming device is high (I think it’d be a good idea for sure). Sony, if anything, is a stylish brand. Every playstation owner knows the buttons are colored. Games even always show the buttons in the appropriate colors. Yet the arrows on the arrow keys look like crap as well. In fact the entire build lacks style. At most this might be an engineering prototype for development purposes only. I kind of doubt that too. We’ll see.

  2. PSP/Walkman/Android Smartphone…..WOW

  3. The end is near.

    DOA (Death of Apple’s iPhone)

  4. Eric…. It’s a prototype…. I’m not saying this is 100% legit but I am saying if it’s legit, the phone you see there isn’t going to be identical to the phone that comes to the market. Heck, maybe the only difference between the prototype and the official one will be the colored buttons.

  5. they said the photo is of a prototype

  6. Another Android phone cant hurt but who would seriously want to play games for more than 10 minutes on a phone ?

    Really ?

    I didnt think so.


  7. @Eric show me a psp with colored buttons. The design is pretty similar to psp models, especially the psp go

  8. I actually to a family friend who works for Ericson and she said the phone is real. I’ve seen a small blurb about it in Game Informer. I think it is probably a prototype but the screenshot is fake. I would think that they are pretty far away from releasing this phone.

  9. @going_home are you kidding? who wouldn’t want to play games for more than 10 mins on a phone? if i could play GTA or some other game on my phone and have it look great, i’m all for it. BRING ON THE SWEET ASS GAMES SONY! come on Sony, lets bring this phone to Sprint! or all carriers…..gimmie gimmie gimmie!

  10. I like the idea but I see the games/emulator/roms/whatever they do getting ported to every other android device. Would likely make bootlegging as simple as a .apk search :-( Don’t get me wrong, I’d buy it in a heart beat, but they are going to have to get creative on locking it down.

  11. im sorry, but after all the excuses surrounding the x10 and android updates, i will never be buying another SE phone.

    but yes, this is a real shot of a prototype device, similar to the mockup that engaget created a few months back.

  12. Did they also Photoshop the 20 photos of it from all angles in 2 photo galleries on the site? It looks perfect for what I want in my next phone. It may not be the actual phone that gets released (in fact, they specify it’s a prototype), but it’s definitely not Photoshop.

  13. I want. Verizon 4g with PSN online gaming plz!

  14. Are you guys stupid? It IS real. Just look at the galleries, its got pictures from all angels

  15. Highly doubt it’ll be on sprint…. the home screen is asking for a SIM card… maybe att or tmo.. isn’t verizons LTE gunna be cdma/gsm too?? (Idk don’t quote mee on that last question)

  16. Its real folks, deal with it…

  17. ….but….but….why would SONY rip off a hand full of consumers and ONLY make it for tmo or att? you’d think they’d want to DOMINATE and go with everyone

  18. April Fools! Er… October Fools?

  19. Crazy……my jaw has drooped. I dont know what to say….two girls I’ve been tryna get with for years admit they liked me and still do, then this shit….wow just wow

  20. @eric

    none of the psp variants ever had colored buttons,so I’m not surprised by this one being similar.

  21. Man – if I could just play the existing game emulators on this thing I’d be happy! The ability to have every NES/SNES game ever made on my phone is great – but touchscreens and miniature QWERTY keyboards are nearly useless to control them. A built in game pad would be a dream come true!

    And if Sony throws in PSN support and some newer high-end games, that’s even better.

    Strategically this makes sense as well – Sony needs to counter the 360’s WP7 integration and Android needs a boost in gaming cred to battle the iPhone. I just wonder how they’ll balance the two (you can’t really have a 100% PSP Phone w/ a 100% Android experience, so either they’ll need to heavily modify Android or they will only be providing a basic Playstation/PSN integration framework).

  22. Google+Sony = Rotten Apple.

  23. Two things I want from this phone: Tehran 2 processor and GSM/cdma compatible.

  24. Two things I want from this phone: Tegra 2 processor and GSM/cdma compatible.

  25. lol as long as they dump that media scape pap SE shoe horns on to their phones! psp go and android would be sweet tho!

  26. if this is a PSP phone… wheres the little analog stick

  27. Another Android delight for gamers. However battery life will be the major concern for a gamers phone.

  28. @ Reap That thing in the middle i meant to be a multitouch track pad, makes sense it would be used for analog sticks.

  29. My only worry is Sony will be dumb and release it as a AT&T exclusive. Clearly it will be a GSM device because it says enter Sim. However, SOny would stand to make more money if they released it on all carriers similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy S line.

  30. And this is somehow less likely to be real than your “Gingerbread” stuff?
    At least they got some proper, non-blurry shots from multiple angles and within multiple layers of the software.

  31. Nowgamer says this is fake. Check this article:

  32. I am glad it has the ffc just above the S in Sony

  33. This looks shopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

  34. @uly … LOL!!! This phone is butt ugly. The designers need to be stripped off of all their clothes and let each one of us take a wet towel, roll it tight and have as many snaps as we want!

  35. @eric, dude your stupid lol as “any playstation fan would know” the PSP has never had colored buttons and seeing as this is the “psp phone” it probably won’t have colored buttons either, you just sounded like an ignorant ass lol. the phone is real people, deal with it, it wont be backward compatible, the battery will suck, but you will have a legit gaming console / phone so it will be somewhat cool!

  36. super feooooooooooooooo FUNK

  37. People talking about not wanting to play on a phone.. doesn’t make sense. The only thing which sucks about playing games on a phone is the lack of a real controller. This thing basically has a PSP Go’s controller strapped onto it! If the graphics chip is powerful enough and it can play games which look better than PSP and equal to current top of the line iphone games… this could be really cool. Obviously not for everybody… definitely a cool Android phone for serious gamers. I just hope the controller portion is usable by other Android apps because if I could use this to also play NESoid, SNESoid and GAMEboid! I might have to pick one up myself!

  38. Hey you know what!
    Insted of a PSPhone of S.E.
    They should put remote play on the Xperia phone lines!
    Please vote!
    Thanks everyone!

  39. So, if this is supposed to be running Gingerbread, which is supposed to have a different notification bar, then why is this one white?

  40. That’ll be some dope shit.. weres the little joy stick!!
    Must go to Verizon


    I think android on this device would be a bit of a mistake. The XMB with phone type services implimented would me much better. Having both would be like running windows over DOS or booting windows on a Mac. The playstation operating system is really ergonomic and I think putting phone applications in that native playstation environement would just feel better. I don’t see it having android and No XMB, as it’s become synonimous with the playstation brand. But I do like the design. It has the best of Sony Computer and Sony Ericsson, PSP Go underneath with an Xperia theme on top. Great stuff. Too bad I have my iPhone 4 for another 2 years. Maybe I’ll get the second hardware revision that comes out “/

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