Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Available at T-Mobile



Today marks the first official release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on American shores as T-Mobile’s version is now on sale. $399 and a two-year contract get you this larger cousin to the Galaxy S. The T-Mobile release will be followed in the coming weeks with launches on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T for those interested in different carrier options. Who is picking one up?

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. 1st and 2nd

  2. Wifi only version.. where are you?

  3. I’m getting one tomorrow at Verizon. I have a 3G iPad and absolutely love it, but it is too heavy to carry around in my purse. I want something lighter and more mobile, and can’t wait for the 7-inch Galaxy!

  4. I wonder what the two year contract has to be… I would LOVE to use renew my two year contract on my phone (rockin the nexus, NO intention on switching to a new device) and pick up the Tab for $399 and just use wi-fi….

  5. Getting one tomorrow from Verizon, no contract.


  6. Talked to T-Mobile yesterday about pricing. Didn’t sound like I needed to be eligible for a renewal, as long as I was still on contract, but the monthly pricing was $40, and that was the only deal they had. I asked them about off contract pricing, but their data plans were pathetic to say the least ($30 for 300 mb, $50 for 1gb).

    Picking one up from Verizon tomorrow morning (or Best buy, if they have it in stock). Even at $200 more, there’s no contract, and they have a $20 for 1gb plan, which would save $280 over 2 years vs. T-Mobile.

  7. Would never buy from samsung. I have been waiting for android 2.2 for my tmobile vibrant.. They are promising an update with tab to android 2.3 I would never trust samsung. They also stiffed all of the people who bought beholdII. The trust is gone with samsung support

  8. samsung galaxy tab not worth it to me. waiting for the tegra 2 tablets next year. theres going to be a lot of buyers remorse if some people are trying to get the latest because next year isn’t too far away..

  9. @justin Bah, there are already tegra 2 tablets available, and they all pretty much suck. I bet Honeycomb won’t come out until summer, and if you want to wait that long, be my guest (also, next year is still 51 days away. That’s 51 days you could be playing with something awesome… and it’ll be way longer than that).

  10. T-Mobile Galaxy Tab has the 16gb built-in ram we were promised. Verizon and Sprint have only 2gb with a 16gb sdhc card.

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