Samsung Continuum, Motorola Droid Pro User Guides Now Available


Eyeing up the Samsung Continuum or the Motorola Droid Pro and need something to fill your time between now and their releases? Lucky for you Verizon has let loose the user guides for both handsets. Pretty standard fare here; it won’t enlighten you on anything you didn’t already know about smartphones and Android, but you can get an idea of the uses for the Continuum’s secondary ticker display and see just how the Droid Pro will tackle Blackberry head-on. Check ’em at the links below.

Samsung Continuum: read

Motorola Droid Pro: read

[via Engadget, DroidLife]

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  • Karnka

    Come on, I want my “Milestone Pro” or whatever they would choose to call it.

  • Mensahwatts

    Be nice to see a X pro with a even bigger screen…lol…wonder when someone will step it up to a 4.7 inch…or so?

  • shibley

    I am anxious to see how the Droid Pro’s keyboard feels and works. I am not blown away by the specs on the Droid Pro, it seems like a limited upgrade from previous Droids. The internationalization is a nice to have, but really not something I would use regularly.