Android 2.2 ROMs for the Samsung Vibrant Are Here, Epic 4G Coming Soon?


Looks like Android 2.2 for the Samsung Vibrant has been leaked to some of XDA’s premier developers as they’ve been quietly whipping up a nice batch of Froyo for all of you tired of your chocolaty Eclair. The first one is made by community-loved Team Whiskey, called Obsidian. It’s based on build number JK2. Here’s the well-written description that they use to draw you in:

Obsidian is the first release of Android 2.2, Froyo, from Team Whiskey. Obsidian is a build that follows closely to its sibling releases. A fast, effecient, power house thats sure to please the daily driver and power user alike. Weve combined a number of current revision technologies built into Fusion and Bionix with the speed and power of JIT. To you, the user, this means fast reflexes and quick transitions, its where your phone intersects and design meets speed.

We took the Bionix that you’ve enjoyed so much and incorporated the Android 2.2, Froyo, experience you’ve been dying for. Welcome to Obsidian.


There’s also talk that the Epic 4G update got pushed out to a few select individuals, but those folks aren’t even confident of its stability, saying it’d be a mistake to release it in its current state. Ouch. Hopefully Samsung’s not taking development lightly because that would be a very unfortunate miscue for such a desired rollout.

[Thanks, Bryce!] [Epic 4G information via AC]

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  1. I have been fallowing three ROM’s and now there is info that one of the developers has gotten ahold of the actual ODIN release!!!! Can we say “true” FROYO goodness for Vibrant!!! ;-)

  2. Now can I please have some frosty Fascinate goodness?

  3. Captivate anyone?

  4. Samsung wants to sell 40M androids next year? They really need to put more effort into development instead of pushing out so many damn phones then letting everyone sit on old software while HTC and Motorola users get treated to the new software. If Samsung doesnt fix this soon and stay up with their competition, I, as well as many others I’m sure, will not be sticking with Samsung for future hand sets.

  5. I flashed this ROM to my Vibrant last night and it runs awesome. Everything works as it should. There are some minor issues that I have run into, nothing major though, that can and will be addressed soon I am sure. Being rooted with this ROM makes this phone run amazing and it was extremely easy with the one click root for Galaxy S phones.

  6. cdogg– Samsung has been playing this game long before the Galaxy S and people still bought those units. The same will continue to happen because looking at sales they clearly can get away with it.

  7. Crystal,
    It’s being worked on as we speak.
    @Krylon360 / Bryce

  8. New releases soon to follow, Second Generation will include Obsidian R2 and Onyx, TouchWiz launcher free :) Board has a tester up for Onyx in the Development Alpha/Beta section of the donators forums.

    Will be live for everyone else very soon :)

  9. Any idea when Fascinate will get the froyo?

  10. now downloading the Unofficial TMO 2.2 rom from Eugene@ XDA, he stated unofficial but i believe it’s most of the custom ROMs based so far

  11. downloading the Odin version of Froyo for Vibrant right now and will flash it to my phone. Then when Eugenes R11 comes out I will try that one out. This is exciting! :)

  12. Yeah..Eugenes R10 i tried it with flash the voodoo lagfix5, it worked smooth but after i tried to disable it..then i got the softbricked at samsung screen…lucky still can use odin to flashed back!! T_T

  13. I love my Vibrant!!! Samsung is going to rule in 2011.

  14. Well of course! That’s because Gingerbread is getting closer to being done. ;P

  15. Just got a captivate and froyo would be nice, but what is it really gonna give me? The phone runs great. GPS works with wireless tower help. The bloatware sucks, but other than that the phone is pretty amazing. Android 2.1 is still a little too geekish but I’m sure new iterations will fix that.

    Stop assuming that ‘nobody’ will ever buy a Samsung again just because froyo was not released fast enough for your tastes. It’s getting old and lame.

  16. The big question is will 2.3 come to the Galaxy S line. Now thats the big test. Seeing as I believe in the rumors that Android would go into a 2.x vs 3.x mix for low vs high end phones/tablets, I wouldn’t be surprised they leave us at the 2.2/2.3 and come out with a Hummingbird v2 processor for 3.0 Android. Just a guess but I think its possible. And by then I think we hopefully would have gotten a good two year run out of these phones(But then thats wishful thinking on that part).

  17. Oh and if you really want Froyo that bad, just goto XDA developers. If you consider yourself a ‘phandroid’ just put it on yourself, instead of whining that Samsung is not bringing it out fast enough. Alot of hard working people have already put out custom roms for each Galaxy S model already and requires very little work on ‘your’ part.

  18. Gingerbread will be final and maybe pushed to the N1’s before my Vibrant officially gets FroYo. It had damn well better be worth the wait.

  19. LOL! Tried to flash it over the weekend and completely pugged up the phone! The Lag Fix and other VooDoo BS is quite hard to clear out to flash this rom. Phone is back to operating status, but somehow the phones internal memory wont allow me to put anything on it. So I have 12.76gb of internal memory thats currently useless!

    So be away. I spent 10+ hours just to get it back to a Nandroid backup. Even Odin wouldnt work!

  20. Oh how I forget to use “?” lol Anyways forgot to add I’m sticking with their Bionix Final R1 + Core R2 kernel(2.1 Android) till the official 2.2 comes out. Never know what bugs might be lurking in leaked roms.

  21. Re: Cdogg’s comment….I wouldn’t call Samsungs software “old” seeing how their phones are only a few months old. (My Fascinate is barely a month old) So while I’m anxious for Froyo, so I can have 10.1 Flash, I personally can’t complain about anything else on my device

  22. viralback and teamwhiskey are awesome thanks for the awesome work

  23. This is why I’m getting rid of my Epic as soon as Sprint gets WP7. I like Android, but, a fragmented market is an unhappy market. The second I can get my hands on the HTC Pro7, it’s over Samsung! Microsoft is controlling the WP7 updates so I don’t have to worry about OEM and Carrier lag time for releases anymore

  24. Vibrant running 2.2 Froyo. Had no problem putting it on. Phone running great. Haven’t run into any problems. :D

  25. @ToastnJam “I personally can’t complain about anything else on my device” Wow really? You got a month for me to give you the list of what you will complain about eventually?

    Or maybe you are just an average user who doesn’t care about file system lag, broken GPS, unbelievable complacency over shipping a CURRENT OS on their phones that have been out for 5 months (Vibrant and SGS here), and so on and so forth.

    Samsung Mobile is a joke as has been noted above. This isn’t the first sh*t rodeo for Samsung but unfortunately I didn’t do my homework and dived in full bore.

    Lets just say I’ve learned my lesson. You couldn’t give me a Galaxy Tab or a Nexus 2 if it’s Samsung. Well you could, if I needed some objects in a rock skipping contest in to the nearest lake or river.

    Oh, and as far as the XDA vibrant crews uh “developing”, not everyone loves them. Boy do they love themselves though so they make up for anyone like myself who doesn’t appreciate their flaky, unstable mods that continue to get put out with major features broken.

    With that said, the 2.2 leaks are an improvement in that community. Still sh&t broken left and right on their releases. Macnut is on R10 I believe and look at the last few pages of the posts for it. Amazing.

  26. Huge oversight that Eugene373 was just as involved in this leak, and FOLLOWED THE RULES to protect his source, where as Simbionix burned his source and released full code. Eugene has since got a full rip which is available, as well as his own R series roms which will culminate in R11 which contains much of this OTA.

  27. @ 17. la rider

    + 1

  28. Dude seriously. Som burning the source? WAHHHHHHH. Its protected under the GPL and he didnt name drop anyone. Eugene did when he cried about Someone releasing a rom that was alot less buggy than his.

    In any case BOTH Sombionix/Team Whiskey and Eugene decided to let bygones be bygones. Why bring it up here where it doesnt need to be aired? Its old dead ass news. GTF over it already. Both TW and Eugene are great devs with awesoem software. The masses flocked to TWs release like flies on shit because we like his stuff as well. Ive ran every single build out for the vibrant on XDA and i personally run Fusion 1.2 as a daily driver. Ill wait a little longer to roll the Froyo. I hate touchwiz.

  29. http://Www.akaskriller.com is all I have to say! Easy froyo, overclock, lagfix, and root without a PC!!

  30. With the great XDA development guys, the Vibrant is the only phone I’ve owned that I’m certain it will never be left behind. Expect 2.3, 3.0 and x.0 running on it for years to come. The XDA developers are fantastic!!!

  31. This is exactly why im getting the htc evo instead of the epic…samsung isn’t reliable when it comes to software updates…i remember samsung had a phone out for tmobile and people went out and got it because samsung said theyw ould release a software update for it soon and what happened?!…no update!…so if you want updates close to their release don’t go with samsung

  32. Is your using a rom can you still get the ota update when the official froyo is released???

  33. Don’t assume that we are all sheep who will not use our purchasing power to invoke change. I for one will not buy another Samsung, this update should have been here months ago as was insinuated by Samsung when I purchased the phone. Secondly, I won’t go to xda to download froyo, it’s not what I’m paying for, I’m paying for Samsung and Sprint to do their job and be loyal to their customers. Something neither is willing to do apparently. I had the same problem with Sprint on their upgrade to windows 6.5 from 6.1. Their data plan rates are the only thing keeping me with them.

  34. Seriously. Samsung Mobile US never said that an update will come last august, sept or october. All the articles in engadget, phandroid and wired were based off of articles or representatives overseas.

    Remember: “A Samsung spokesperson in korea said that 2.2 for sgs is ready” this was the awaited august release. But that was for korea, for crying out loud, it wasnt for us.

    Remember: “A twitter post from samsung spain said septemver” another for crying out loud this is samsung mobile spain.

    Although those international versions still didnt get theirs yet.

    Samsung still didnt promise any dates in sgs US.

    Im not defending samsung here because Im just pointing out the fact that you guys get excited over announces that werent made for US phones…

  35. FUCK SAMSUNG SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT!!! Never again will I buy a Samsung phone. That’s all I have to say.

  36. I had a HTC Hero prior to buying the Epic last month, and it took HTC -months- to upgrade the Hero from 1.5 to 2.1, with no plan of ever releasing an official 2.2 update. I have an iPad now and 4.2 just got delayed because of WiFi glitches. I had a Motorola Q as well as a HTC Mogul in the past, both with significant problems, and don’t miss Microsoft at all.

    I don’t see how these complaints regarding Samsung are manufacturer-specific.

  37. when is the 2.2 froyo or higher coming to the epic. this is ridiculous the best phone on the market still on 2.2 while all the new phones already have it. whats the hold up. the new samsung phone with sprint has 2.2 but yet the epic doesnt this is crazy.

  38. Beth:

    Your statement there is the best statement in this whole thread!

    I DARE anyone to find A SINGLE MANUFACTURER that doesn’t get these complaints

    I started laughing when I read zs450 saying “Microsoft is controlling the WP7 updates so I don’t have to worry about OEM and Carrier lag time for releases anymore” … MicroShaft is the KING of delays…

    Just sayin…

  39. Bionix has good roms, but I think MASTER has faster roms with extra tweaks. Check out AXURA 2.0 and up.

  40. Hey guys I’m new to android…finally made the switch to the vibrant after having my original iphone for 3 years. I love the vibrant and was wondering if it was worth it to upgrade to the unofficial 2.2 or should i wait for the upcoming release? I know samsung has been really slow on their releases, so I’m thinking of upgrading.

    But how do I do it? I followed the link to the thread and i”m a little confused. What is rooting? And is this something I should attempt to do?

  41. I would like to know more about this like Devon. I would like 2.2 as well, but how?

  42. Ok… to the poster saying “Samsung and Sprint” need to do their jobs and update phones. Nowhere is it stated that they are required to give you the latest software updates. When you buy the device, you buy it “free of defects”, etc… not with a “guarantee” of updated OS’es. (Okay, maybe that’s to EVERY ANDROID USER OUT THERE!!!)

    As far as the comment about the Galaxy Tab… I agree… It sucks. How the hell did Samsung release that to T-Mobile and it NOT BE a 4G device??? It’s worse than the Vibrant… what’s the point?

    I am a proud owner of two Vibrants (including the wife’s)… I’ve been addicted to Android since day one with the G1 … then the MyTouch… then the Cliq… then the MyTouch Slide. And you know what? I’ll keep buying Android phones that have the HARDWARE FEATURES I want… not because of the latest version of the damned operating system. (I’ll end up flashing something else anyways…)

    So, really, Android peeps, what we need to gripe about is hardware. And you really only have yourself to blame if you didn’t research what you were purchasing. I bought my Vibrant knowing the GPS issue (and it got fixed).

    All I’m saying is we need to quit whining and expecting software updates — look at the Cliq and the MyTouch when 2.1 was pushed to them! BRICKS and ISSUES!

    Be wary of what you bitch for, as my mother used to say.

  43. You and your Mother sound like dumbasses!

  44. So you are telling me there’s nothin u can do to a company that lies to you. The t-mobie rep lied to me to sell me service. It was hands down between the droid 2 and the vibrant. The T-mobile rep flat out said that they would be updating all vibrant phones at the end of november. Thats what sold me. I bought the vibrant november 12th.

  45. I bought my Vibrant the day they came out (in July I think) and was also told by T-mo that Froyo would be out soon. Then it was September 1st, then late September, then October 1st, then late October, then November, then December…

    The performance of this phone has not met my expectations and gives me grief at least once per day (freezes up, can’t make a call, delays in getting emails and voice mails). One of most frustrating phones I have ever owned.

    I guess I’m the dumbass for fighting with this thing for the past 5 months and believing this will ever change and get better with 2.2. I”m changing to an HTC and Sprint as soon as I can sell this P.O.S.!

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