Samsung Galaxy Beam Goes Spelunking, Ends up with Chilean Miners


Samsung wasn’t kidding when they said they wanted their Galaxy line of smartphones in as many places as possible, even if that meant they’d have to get inside the collapsed tunnel where the now-rescued Chilean miners were trapped to prove their point. The Samsung Galaxy Beam helped provide some light entertainment (get it? harharhar) with a recorded message from Chile’s Mining Minister and an exhibition soccer match between Chile and Ukraine. Deep inside a mine was the last place we expected to see the beam, especially after its extremely limited availability and whispers of discontinuation.

[via Engadget]

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  • Paul

    Hey, I can really dig this piece of newz…Bwahaha

  • ari-free

    yes, I can understand why I could want a projector phone for the next time I’m trapped inside a coal mine.

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Wait up so the only way i can actually get this phone is to get trapped in a mine?
    Apparently you cant get this phone unless your in despair…

    Well good on samsung anyways