Adobe: “Market Fragmentation Sucks”


adobe-logoAdobe is planning to launch a new service, called InMarket, which hopes to curtail the eventual breakdown of consumers looking for applications in 42 different app Markets and their developer counterparts trying to manage 42 different accounts with 42 different market options.

Basically what happens is you take your application that was developed with AIR, submit it to InMarket, profit. The developer is done and Adobe takes over. Their process takes your submitted application and Dick-Cheneys it to all of the App stores that are teamed with InMarket. Now there is a much broader range of consumers for apps to reach regardless of medium used.

For you visual learners:

Now, the obvious: Tyler, this doesn’t solve the issue that we Androidians are facing!

You’re right it doesn’t, but it is a step in the right direction. With the openness of Android and Google’s acceptance of other Market options, it is inevitable to have fragmentation that will have a severely negative effect on the OS. If InMarket succeeds, it will be a model to help bring our Markets together while allowing them to maintain their independence.

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Tyler Miller

Adobe to Apple: “It’s cool, Android cuddles afterwards”

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  1. The face that something like this is even needed is making me want to give WP7 a try. There is something I thought I’d never say.

  2. hahaha love the southpark / underpants gnomes reference:

    “take your application that was developed with AIR, submit it to InMarket, profit”

  3. what the hell does this mean? market fragmitation

  4. Market Fragmentation = Android Market, Amazon Market, Verizon Market, so on and so fourth. We cannot forget about Gameloft’s model either. Heck, you can’t even get Quadrant Advanced off of Android Market, but from SlideME. Whether or not having multiple places to shop will become problematic or beneficial to Android remains to be seen.

  5. Adobe is also talking about market fragmentation beyond just Android. Getting developer’s apps into RIM’s PlayBook app store, into Samsung’s SmartTV app store on top of the various Android app stores.

    Then we can see more apps launch across platforms, not just marketplaces at the same time.

  6. Eat a dick and gtfo @ JRDroid

  7. the problem for inmarket is all the appstores apart from android, charge hefty yearly fees and entrance fees, so to push it into all markets will mean they need to charge a lot of money upfront so as to cover their costs and hopefully make some money. I don’t see this succeeding. Developers are better off submitting to android market first and making their app available on the net for download.

  8. @ Bob I agree 100 and soon I think they will find this out. And @ Keller…why be so harsh over how someone feels…wp7 is not for me and really I don’t think its going to be for anyone beyond a thousand people or so…but to lash out at someone for saying they are thinking about giving it a try…opinions…everyone has them …right?

  9. bob, what markets require a fee? i’ve never looked at submitting to slideme but none of the markets that i’ve seen require any kind of yearly/entrance fee. they just take the standard 30% cut of each sale…

  10. @ mensahwatts. Lol don’t worry bout keller he just trolls this site and randomly insults people.

  11. amazon, verizon plan to charge for their appstores. Amazon also has pretty stringent TOC. The currently existing stores like appbrain, slideme do not charge yes.

  12. Fragmentation wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad if developers like Adobe allowed their product to run on earlier versions of Android. Of course Google themselves would also need to do its end in the bargain and allow minor updates like webkit 3 etc…

    Both Google and Adobe suck.

  13. so the solution to market fragmentation is to create another Adobe only market…..hrm…..wonder how long they thought about this….perhaps every major developer should have their own market system to avoid market fragmentation, then from where each of them sit their market wont be cluttered….but from where we sit….fragmentation indeed

  14. @JRDroid – Sure, go right ahead. You’ll be back. ;)

  15. James, there won’t be an Adobe app store. Adobe’s InMarket is just a way to target different app stores at once. If successful, I imagine Adobe won’t be the only company to come out with such a system, as it only works for AIR apps. I can see other companies creating system to reach multiple app stores.

  16. despite what steve jobs says, fragmentation of appstores is not a big issue, I am sure every developer will put his in android market first for sure. It is a no-brainer. Then he can pick and choose what additional market stores he wants. Even OS versions is not a major fragmentation issue. The only real fragmentation issue is the display size variation.

  17. Bob – not so much. The major issue comes when carriers start locking down phones to certain markets (i.e. the ones that pay them the most). That is when market fragmentation will kick Android in the pants.

  18. that model will break soon, since verizon is getting IPhone, AT&T cannot afford to go slow on android phones. And in other countries like UK, India, China, Canada unlocked phones are available easily over the counter. Smaller carriers in US will always love the android phones.

  19. As long as the apps are available via Android Market, who cares…

  20. @buttsecks I see E lol

  21. You know for so long the Apple fan boys have been using “Android fragmentation” as ammo for when ever they want to try and bring down Android.

    As you can clearly see, Android is no longer as fragmented as it once was. However there is still room for improvement. I came across an article that touched point on some of Android fragmentation issues and how they can be overcome. You can read the article here: http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2010/12/02/is-android-fragmentation-coming-to-an-end

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