Oct 24th, 2010

adobe-logoAdobe is planning to launch a new service, called InMarket, which hopes to curtail the eventual breakdown of consumers looking for applications in 42 different app Markets and their developer counterparts trying to manage 42 different accounts with 42 different market options.

Basically what happens is you take your application that was developed with AIR, submit it to InMarket, profit. The developer is done and Adobe takes over. Their process takes your submitted application and Dick-Cheneys it to all of the App stores that are teamed with InMarket. Now there is a much broader range of consumers for apps to reach regardless of medium used.

For you visual learners:

Now, the obvious: Tyler, this doesn’t solve the issue that we Androidians are facing!

You’re right it doesn’t, but it is a step in the right direction. With the openness of Android and Google’s acceptance of other Market options, it is inevitable to have fragmentation that will have a severely negative effect on the OS. If InMarket succeeds, it will be a model to help bring our Markets together while allowing them to maintain their independence.

[via ReadWriteWeb | Image also scalped from RWW]

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