Ideos X5 and X6 Expand Huawei’s Line of Froyo-based Android Handsets


Huawei stepped up in a big way with the release of the Ideos, an Android 2.2 handset that marked a turn to higher device quality while still maintaining the affordable pricing the manufacturer is known for. Now it appears Huawei is ready to complete the transition with two devices that aren’t aimed at being low-end or entry-level smartphone at all. The Huawei Ideos X5 and Huawei Ideos X6 give us handsets with speedy processors (and radios) in refined casing that makes an earnest attempt at toeing it out with the current Android big boys.


The Ideos X6 is the real deal with a 4.1-inch screen, 5MP camera with 720p HD video capture, HDMI out, and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Round it out with 2GB of flash memory and 512MB of RAM and I’d say by the looks of it we have a phone that obviously takes many cues from the Droid X. But unlike the X the Ideos X6 features an HSPA+ radio for “4G” speeds.


Also featuring an HSPA+ radio though not reaching quite as high as the X6 is the Ideos X5 with its 3.8-inch screen and 5MP camera. This one looks a little more like the traditional Huawei designs we are used to.

Both phone should be available by the end of the year. Nice to see Huawei stepping up their game.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Definitely an improvement over the first phone they had out.

  2. Damn t-mobile is going in with these high end phones! I don’t know what i want anymore lol tmobile getting to be like verizon but with better service and better phones. T-mobile’s day is here halleujah

  3. Shame on Tmonews for not getting this information posted first.

  4. The X6 could have included a FFC to make it greater

  5. T-Mobile has quite a few phones with FFC soon to be mytouch 4g, nokia nuron, nokia e73 mode and that is about it really.

  6. @2FR35H

    Tmobile does NOT have better service than Verizon. It has more affordable options for plans and some great phones. But saying that its service is better than Verizon is a fallacy.

  7. Holy shit, huawei actually changed the layout of the buttons! I am shocked. Hell must have frozen over.

  8. Damn, just when I passed on the G2 for the Mytouch HD this comes out! Son of a…….

  9. @ Alex

    If 2FR35H meant customer service when he/she said “service” then no its not a fallacy being that T-Mobile has won the JD Power & Assoc. award for highest ranking in customer satisfaction 5+ years in a row. If he meant service as in coverage then yes a fallacy

  10. Alright nuh T-Mobile yall steppin yall game up ;-) looks like i may have to hold off on the G2

  11. The X6 looks like a Galaxy S T-Mobile Vibrant at the bottom n a Droid X at the top ;-). So all together the have a nice line up of high end phones> HTC G2, MyTouch HD, (Upcoming) Motorola Olympus, the X6, X5, Motorola Defy, maybe the Motorola Cliq 2 hearing the rumored specs of it, and almost everyones favorite the T-Mobile Galaxy S Vibrant =) Nice line up

  12. Help sucking alot of may battery…..?

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