“Angry Birdify” your Phone with these Ringtones and Notification Sounds

I know some of you out there are downright obsessed with the game, just as we are all obsessed with one thing or another in our lives. For those Angry Bird loving variants, you can now turn your phone into a flying, chirping bird-notifying machine. TalkAndroid’s gotten their hands on the audio resources straight from the game to use on your phone in various ways.


The collection of sounds includes things like the pig noises, the slingshot being stretched, a bird being launched, and more. I’m sure you guys will find some of these very useful for notifying you in your day-to-day dealings, so head on over to their site and grab the collection of sounds now.

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  • Inspiron41


    the game still is haunting me. cant beat every level with 3 stars. the ringtones will drive me nuts

  • Paul T

    I beat the game, but not with three stars each – I don’t even like games really but this one IS SO ADDICTIVE!!! AHHHHH.

  • Cathy L

    it’s all about finding the golden eggs. :)

  • mythryndel

    don’t know if I will use the sounds or not… but the game is incredibly addictive. I haven’t beat it yet, but I’m more than 2/3 finished… and there are less than a dozen levels that I only have 1 star on…

  • Alexander


  • Dennis

    So how much of a kickback are you getting from the developers to keep promoting this game?

  • asqwerth

    Is there a copyright issue with the sound files?

  • Chris


    Considering the game itself costs zero, and these sound files cost zero, he’s probably getting a kickback of zero.

  • Dennis

    So why is there at least one post a week promoting the game?