Internet Star Antoine Dodson Promotes BeenVerified, a Sex Offender Tracking App


If you know who Antoine Dodson is, then congratulations: you’re “in the know.” If you don’t, watch this video. After schmoyoho applied their autotune magic to a news report about the brother of a girl who was allegedly attacked by a rapist, Dodson blew up to become one of the internet’s biggest memes. (And if you know the internet, you know there is no shortage of memes.)

Dodson’s onto bigger and better things these days, though. Appropriately, he’s helping to promote an app called Sex Offender Tracker by Been Verified that’ll help you steer clear of areas where there are abundances of registered sex offenders through augmented reality. (One of the most useful and noble applications of augmented reality we’ve seen thus far, might I add.)

5% of the revenue generated by the app – which costs $1.99 for Android – will go toward the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. The idea is great, and obviously the inclusion of an internet celebrity and the ridiculous antics that made him famous was a great tactic to spread the word. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be reading this right now.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. If I download this app, I be really dumb. Really, really dumb.F’real.

  2. hahaha, ridiculous

  3. Hide yo kids, Hide yo husband, cause dey be sellin this app to everyone round here.

  4. lol. really weak phandroid. greatest bullshit article ever. i will never ever get back this wasted 60 seconds!

  5. I can’t believe this idiot is making money of a would be rapist that almost raped his sister. Next thing you know the would be rapist might come out looking for some money b/c if it wasn’t for him…none of this would be happening right now.

  6. On a plane? Is this a joke? I presume this thing pulls up addresses and overlays based on that. If it sends a photo to get face-recogged, the guy has already thrown you in his van by the time you get a response. And I am not aware that the current coordinates of the few offenders with trackers are publicly posted.

  7. I don’t know whether the wikipedia citation is supposed to be ironic here…

  8. This dude looks so much like a chick….

  9. On a plane? Afraid not. Three thumbs down. The app, the video, but especially for wasting my time with this shite.

  10. @Brad 2
    i dont know about but chicks in my place look nothing like this

  11. I really want to buy this now! This is the best commercial ever!

  12. get the sham wow guy and id buy it

  13. haha really thats down

  14. Why do they have to advertise this using the Apple phone? At least he didn’t throw the android phone at the end….

  15. Why does nobody on Phandroid ever have anything good to say?

  16. Funniest commercial I’ve seen in months!!!! And you can run & tell that!

  17. yup…leave the guy alone. It looked like he lived in the ghetto, but he was going to business school trying to better himself. He did fight off the guy that was attacking his sister, and so if he makes lemonade out of lemons, let him be.

    Good for him.

  18. Hmmm I am tired of him already…

  19. This guy is jokes, where is everyones sense of humor??? Man you guys are a tough crowd…

  20. Hes climbing in your window hes snatching your people up trying to rape em so you need to hide your kids hide your wife and hide your husband, cuz they rapin everybody out here. you dont have to come and confess, we looking for you, we gonna find you so you can run and tell that homeboy

  21. I want this so I can find where all the rapists are.

  22. is there a sickometer or something?… if yes.. it would show me this guy wherever I point in this world

  23. so many haters on this thread. just enjoy entertainment and stop being jealous already haha.

  24. Damn, they are onto me. Afterall, I am a registered sex offender because I am a gay pedophile molester. I also have no concept of how much of a douche I sound like because of my social ineptitude (apparently I spend too much time on video game forums because of my use of eThug language). I will now go complain some more on this site because my parents never gave me any attention growing up, and so any attention (good or bad) has become good enough for me.

  25. Next will be the app for murders (which I think is actually a worse crime as there’s no coming back from that), animal abuser, violent offenders, thief’s…list goes on. This apps gonna be a vigilante’s wet dream, which will then create more violence and murders.

  26. Most of these sex offenders are COMPLETLY Harmless!!!!
    They are unlucky guys that were caught jacking in a movie or has a pick of a girl that was 17 or some other stupid thing. Now their life is Ruined.

    The Dangerous Ones, about 20% of the total should be castrated, deported, killed or all of the above!

  27. Hey guys… C’mon. He’s trying to use his internet fame to get out of the ghetto. There’s nothing wrong with that!

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