Phandroid T-Shirt: DESIGN CONTEST!

phanliveHave you heard about Phandroid LIVE in Baltimore? If not you should check out the details cause it’s going to be awesome. We’re going to be giving away a bunch of Phandroid gear amongst other things, but we realized- “hey, what the heck, why don’t we have Phandroid T-SHIRTS?”

Now we’re giving YOU the chance to “Design The Phandroid T-Shirt” and win $200 bucks in cold hard (PayPal) cash. Oh… and everyone attending Phandroid LIVE in Baltimore will get a voucher for a FREE T sent to their doorstep!

Ready for the dealio (aka rules)?

The prize:

  • $200 USD (Must be accepted via PayPal)
  • 2 Phandroid T-Shirts sent to you (anywhere in the world I can physically ship it)
  • Bragging rights (YOUR design on awesome Android apparel)

How To Enter:

  • Use the Phandroid Logo (download here) to create a design for the first ever Phandroid T-Shirts
  • Use the logo but be creative… we don’t just want a shirt with a logo!
  • To enter, send your entry as a low resolution JPG under 3MB to events (at) phandroid (dot) com
  • If your jpg is selected as a finalist, be prepared to send a high quality .EPS or .PSD of the file saved in 300dpi (required to win)
  • Provide details if you think it will help your cause (placement of image on shirt, color of shirt, etc…)
  • All entries MUST be received by September 19th, 2010 at 11:59 EDT
  • There is No Limit to the number of entries one person can submit
  • Master P is only allowed one submission (see above)

Winning , Selection & Announcement

  • Finalists will be announced at 6pm EDT on Tuesday, September 21st on
  • Readers will have 3 hours, until 9pm EDT, to vote online for the winner
  • Phandroid LIVE attendees will have until 9pm EDT to vote manually (write-in) their vote
  • Online votes and Event votes will be added together and the finalist with the most votes will be named the winner
  • Winner will be announced on September 22nd at

Additional Rules & Details

  • All submissions become the property of
  • Winner must have a PayPal account to accept payment
  • T-Shirts will be sent to winner and Phandroid LIVE attendees at an unidentified future date
  • Qualifying entries may not use any trademarked or copyrighted material(s)
  • has the right to adjust these rules at their sole discretion to improve the contest

And there you have it folks- we think this will be a pretty awesome contest. Do your best to create something sick that Phandroids will want to sport around town! Good luck!

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  • elijahblake

    what the hell is an .eps file???

  • Charlie

    I’m looking forward to getting one of these, but what about this of us on the west coast that wish we could attend the event but can’t? Don’t leave us out. At least I can buy one, maybe give out certificates for some free stuff to androidforums premium members that can’t attend in person?

  • Rob Jackson

    @Charlie we’ll try to keep a stash of these so we can hold various contests and giveaways and stuff using the Tees. Stay tuned. This won’t be the last opportunity to get the T-Shirts I promise you that!

  • son

    I think you can use photoshop to open eps file

  • Patrick
  • elijahblake

    well, that sucks.. i’ll have to do that from home.. I’ve got Gimp 2 here @ work. so what about an xcf file

  • larrythebarry

    i’m kind of surprised you’re not accepting illustrator files…

  • Rob Jackson

    You can save an illustrator file as an EPS ;)

  • reje75

    You can also save gimp files as eps, In fact I think most non-paintbrush level tools allow you to save as eps.

  • Eddie Android

    And this is where my 2 semesters of Digital Media Arts come in Handy! I’m gonna enter tonight.

  • Android

    It seems good contest. I don’t join but waiting to get one T-SHIRT if it will selling.

  • Droids_over_iPoop
  • Cha lee

    Hey can you downsave the file to CS 3? Or even easier just make it a .pdf then anyone can easily view it and open it.

  • Andrew

    You’ll need a whole lot more than 2 semesters here, Eddie! I’m entering this too!

  • amreet

    hi sir i m amreet lookin 4 a cool shirt.

  • Jared

    You say be creative with the logo, does that mean we can alter the logo in anyway? Or do you want to logo to look just as it does all over the site and in the link posted.

  • TedFourSeventeen

    Woop!… you don’t have to be 18 or older to join the contest! :D…

  • Al

    so when are these guys going to update the site? Where are the fresh news?

  • Jake

    I can’t do artwork all that great, but I can print shirts lol. but maybe i should give it a shot.

  • Jubbs

    Come on Phandroid, give those of us who are to poor to have PhotoShop a chance to enter. Please post up a hi-res version of the logo in another format (.png, .gif, .pdn) PLEASE!?

  • Joe

    Why all the fuss about formatting? .eps is the preferred vector format, and .psd is the best raster format, so they can tweak your layers a bit when the colors come out looking nasty on the shirts. It’s not that hard to understand. For those of you using Gimp, just submit a hi res 300 dpi .tiff, which is of course, when you win the competition.

  • Johnny Tsunami

    Sent my Entry in glad i have CS3, makes things so much easier.

  • Nearly

    Entered for fun :D Goodluck everyone.

  • CalypsoArt

    .eps is the graphics standard format equivalent to pdf in the document world. Almost every real illustration or photo manipulation program will import/export .eps.

  • Casbah

    EPS=Encapsulated Postscript and is what CalypsoArt said. :)

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  • Fanboi

    Hey phanRoids….there’s a cream for that! Lmao