Videotron Launches New Wireless Network in Quebec with Froyo-Laden Nexus One



A new player is getting into the wireless game in the Great White North. Videotron, a subsidiary of Quebecor Media Company, is launching a new network for the people of Quebec, and to make sure the carrier starts things off in style two Android handsets have come along for the ride. The Motorola XT720 (which should also be launching in Canada on Wind Mobile) and the Nexus One will be available to satisfy your Android needs. And to sweeten the deal the Nexus One launching on Videotron will come with Android 2.2 (Froyo) installed out of the box.

CEO Robert Depatie said of the new mobile venture, “Videotron’s 3G+ service reflects the goal we have pursued throughout this project: providing the best possible customer experience through one-stop shopping to make life easier for consumers. Not only is our offering highly advantageous in this respect but it is particularly attractive for our existing customers, who can get exceptional rates. We remain true to our policy of offering substantial discounts to customers who choose our service bundles.”

That Nexus One with Froyo is sure to tempt many die hard Android fans, at least those willing to take a gamble on the new network.

[Press Release via Android Central]

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  1. I was just learning about AWS and I saw the just launched on that 5 min before this article

  2. So same 3G band as T-Mobile…

  3. Number one question to ask before you buy a Nexus One from Videotron: Who will provide the updates — you or Google? Press on this question. Perhaps get something in writing.
    Our European friends on Vodafone already got burned.

  4. I wonder if this had anything to do with the “shortage” of Nexus Ones through the Google development channel… As in HTC needed to funnel Nexus Ones to these guys at the expense of Google dev units. ??

  5. Wow. That’s some solid pricing on the “accessories”. The only actual HTC accessory that they carry is the spare battery… for $80!

    I want the Google store back :(

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