Sep 10th, 2010


Our tipster has been hard at work scouring the annals of Verizon Wireless inventory. First we saw the Motorola MZ600 tablet pop up with dummy and demo units in two, then we got a look at listings for the Motorola Citrus and Motorola XT610, and now we have the Samsung Continuum making an appearance. The Continuum is another mid-range device that should class in the same range as the LG Ally. Other than that broad categorization very little is known other than a rumored release date falling sometime in October.

With all of these new inventory additions it appears Big Red is preparing for an all-out Droid assault this holiday season, and it looks like a large part of it will be low to mid-range devices to fill out a lineup that has been a bit top heavy with behemoth phones like the Droid X, Droid 2, and Samsung Fascinate leading the pack. Who knows what will pop up in their inventory next!

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