Phandroid LIVE with Verizon Wireless [BALTIMORE]

phandroid-liveIt’s time. We’ve been online since 2007 – before any other Android focused website on the planet – and we’ve made a lot of friends along the way. The interwebz is a great place, and with over 200,000 members, we’ve accomplished some pretty amazing things together. Now it’s time to celebrate.

vzwlogoOn September 21st, Verizon Wireless will join us as at Crush Bar/Restaurant in Baltimore, MD to host the first ever Phandroid LIVE event – and you’re invited! In addition to Verizon’s entire line of Android-based phones, you can expect delicious food, contests and giveaways, and of course some amazing company. Did we mention it’s FREE?

Two quick and very important things to know:

  • Not in Baltimore? You can create your own Phandroid LIVE event in YOUR area thanks to our friends at
  • We hope this will be the first of many Phandroid LIVE events so don’t be jealous if you can’t make it to this one – there will be plenty more opportunities in plenty more places.

Now for the most important stuff… READ IT ALL:

  • Crush Restaurant, Tuesday September 21st, 6pm
  • Space is extremely limited, so don’t wait too long to decide!
  • Space is extremely limited, so please don’t register unless you’re sure you can attend!
  • Send an E-Mail to events [at] phandroid [dot] com with your name, address, phone number, and member name if you have it (if you don’t… umm hello? register now)
  • Come with an appetite and ready to have fun
  • We’ll follow up with you via e-mail within 24 hours to confirm your registration (or addition to the waiting list) and provide additional event info

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Phandroid the “go to” place for everything Android. We’re looking forward to hanging out with you on September 21st and beyond!

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  • Charlie

    Cool to see this is taking place, I wish I could attend, but I live in Seattle. I am going to be in Baltimore in October, but not September. :(

    If we schedule a meetup is there going to be live streaming video or something?

  • Pete

    DAMN!…..why not san jose?

  • porky101

    Next time do it during the weekend? :'(

  • Twenty4

    I will be there

  • jerbear

    Dude! something is actually in my city and not NY or LA?! Wow.

  • LincKraker

    Rob lives in Baltimore that’s why it’s going to be held in Baltimore.

    Looking forward to this. I live just outside DC so I will be there.

  • Brian

    September 21 is a Tuesday…did you mean Thursday September 23rd?

  • Steven Brady

    Rock. I’ll be there.

  • Rich

    I’m in

  • ManiacalShen

    Awesome, I’m in. :D I love it when things actually come to Baltimore!

  • Sam I Am

    Let’s do one in Chicago that day.

  • jose

    an hour and 30 mins drive for me… i’ll be there

  • SonyJunkie

    I think I want to go. I think I will go. Shit, something in Baltimore and it being about Android, should be a no brainer, even though I don’t even own an Android phone but damn I want to.

  • Maj

    this is great, i really wish i can make it but im like thousands of miles away (unless someone is willing to pay me the plane ticket)


    damm wish i could go

  • turbosol

    Will see if I can make it, don’t work to far from there.

  • Matt

    Damnit. I JUST moved from DC!

  • kyler13

    Damn, only a few miles away from work and I can’t make it that day. Who has a gathering on a Tuesday?!? :)

  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    I live in the Baltimore Area…..Columbia/ Catonsville region to be exact…dont tell me i have to ruin my Alignment in those city Streets…

  • Rich G

    @3 Phones Jugglin If you hop on 695 to the Towson exit you won’t be in the city and Towson roads aren’t that bad.

  • thepwneddroid



  • brian

    Anyone interested to do one in buffalo let me know

  • Gerg

    Alright alright, I’ll come. Hailing from PG County!

  • Mensahwatts

    @Maj….do you look good?….lol

  • Andy

    I second Chicago!

  • Beige

    Wow, awesome timing! Considering I go it won’t be right at 6, but I can be there quickly :P

  • theineffablebob

    What’s a Baltimore?

  • KK

    Sounds like an exciting event that will be well attended!! Wish I could go but I live in HK. Maybe Phandroid can do something in Asia in the future?! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  • jdog

    This event is to close to the BBQ in Austin.

  • Eloquence

    I live in Baltimore! This is a no-brainer…I’ll be there :)

  • Mike

    I third chicago. We need this out here.

  • a.b. Dada

    Confirming Chicago. I’ll host it if needed.

    Adam.dada at gmail dot com

  • Rob Jackson

    For all you folks requesting PhanLIVE in other cities, hit up

    And don’t forget we’re hoping this will be the first of MANY events!

  • Thedroidguy

    The Phandroid Event will be great. FYI on October 3 at the Big Android Bacue a huge Chicago event will be announced… So

  • Kirk Risinger

    Oooh, I wish I could make it. That will be a busy week and 6PM in Baltimore is tough from DC. I hope you have a great event!!

  • ggp

    If we do this in another city, how do we get free food, VZW and prizes???

  • Kodachi

    Right in my city and close to me! I RSVP’d!

  • 3devious

    It’s 90 min away but I am not ditching work early to get on 95. Have your gathering in DC and I’d consider it. Have it somewhere *good* and I’ll go but you guys should be making a mobile site that isn’t a pain in the ass instead of luring people onto I95.

    Seriously, lets go somewhere and relax. Forget the DC area. If you coordinate a nationwide Phandriod event do it somewhere with palm trees and drinks that are topped with little umbrellas!

  • finndroid

    I am so wanting to go to this and so is my crackberry using wife (she wanted a droid badly but couldnt use any of them due to her nails). Just waiting on conformation that we or at least I can attend. Hell I’m risking a night on the couch to go by myself!

  • Twenty4

    2 more hours!

  • Alex

    lol….hmmm, what am I going to wear…too bad I don’t have any witty android tshirts