Phones With Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor Won’t Be Seen Until Late 2011


For those of you waiting until early 2011 – when we expected first devices with Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz dual-core QSD8672 to be out – you can stop waiting, for now: we won’t be seeing those processors until the end of 2011. The chip is still on schedule to ship in Q4, however it’ll be slow making its way into handsets for whatever undefined (for now) reason.


If you still fancy phones with Qualcomm’s chipsets and want the 1.2GHz dual-core MSM8x60, though, fear not as we should still be seeing those sometime in that early 2011 timeframe. I guess technology won’t move at as fast a pace as we’d like it to. Perhaps if we yell at it? That usually works.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. cool

  2. uh oh… seems qualcomm is going to lose this battle, then :/

  3. There’s no need for a processor over 1gz. I’m looking forward to the Scorpion with Adreno 205 come on G2!

  4. maybe not qualcomm but samsung will have it early.

  5. Im glad. I was hoping the development of these super processors would hit the breaks. That way my 1 ghz phone would have a little bit more of a lifetime.

  6. Samsung doesn’t use qualcomm chips. That is why qualcomm is going to lose. If TI ships 1.5 ghz dual core chips way ahead of qualcomm, manufacturers will switch from using mostly qualcomm chips to mostly TI chips (which I prefer).

  7. I’m not sure how many will switch chip suppliers. It’s a lot of work to redesign a phone to use a new soc. Take a look at how many variations HTC has used with what basically amounts to the N1. That being said, the TI chips are quite good and the Hummingbird hardware has been very solid. I wonder if this creates an opportunity for Nvidia to get in on smartphone action.

  8. Screw Qualcomm their processors suck compared to the Hummingbird which I bet would probably still out perform or come close to this new Qualcomm superchump chip anyway.

  9. The only mystery is why people thought the phones would be coming out any sooner. It takes about a year for a phone maker to design and manufacture a phone around a processor. This is the same for all chip/phone makers.

  10. My only hope is the supply can keep up and we don’t end up with another mess like the super AMOLED shortages are causing.

  11. yes it would be cool to have more speed. We (americans) always need bigger and better. But my Epic 4G is ridiculously fast at doing everything I tell it to. It certainly is not cpu horsepower limited or bottlenecking. There are no apps out now (that I use) that would even gain from a more powerful cpu. 1 ghz hummingbird will crush any app in the next year anyways. No big deal that this arent coming for awhile.

  12. Let’s not forget that dual core Tegra chips will be out soon as well.

  13. Yeah righ, these companies are ruthless and want money!!! if Qualcomm cant make the next one will!

  14. @Dave Thanks for repeating me.

  15. you know…even if there isnt dual core goodness from these guys till q4 next year? surely they can bring higher rated single processors with smaller architecture right?

    anyways, yeah cant wait for the sammy dual core lovelies and super duper AMOLED version 2011 and 1gb of RAM to come out with the Galaxy s 2 :)

    now….if only android games are as good as the ones in the apple app store…….

  16. @Eddie I agree but to bad more than likely they will be crippled by their software. :(

  17. @jdog…lol yeah, im really fond of the htc sense actually, i dont really get the sammy touchwiz skin but hey, each to their own i guess?

  18. This is in time for my next upgrade! (Or will it take a while for phones to implement it? Hmmmm)

    It will be interesting how the dual cores will compare.
    There is the possibility of only using one core and two cores when needed, now to see how well they pull it off. Which cores get the best battery life and so on.

  19. FOR THE IDIOTS THAT THINK A 1GHZ HUMMINGBIRD ARE GONNA BE FASTER THAN 1+ SCORPION SNAPDRAGON PROCESSORS… HANG URSELF BY UR SACK PLZ… the new MSM7x30 in the g2 is as good as the hummingbird so i’ll bet my g1 that a 1.2 or 1.5ghz (WATCH!! ) processor is gonna be crazy fast. the tegra 2 will be crazy too.. but who wants an LG tho.

  20. Smart phones are just getting decent with 1Ghz, they have a long ways to go to get more power. 1.5 Ghz or 2Ghz cpus are badly needed, along with battery technology improvements, for smartphones in the next few years. This is still fairly immature technology.

  21. Nexus Two comes with dual 3ghz processors LOL

  22. How much does processor speed impact battery life?

    I own a 550mhz original Droid. How much will a 1.5 ghz processor hurt battery life?

  23. @Aeires- There is no super AMOLED shortage. Samsung is holding all their super AMOLED for their Galaxy S which seems to be keeping up just fine.

    There is a shortage with AMOLED screens which is a big difference.

  24. What’s the point of these processors?

    Without developer support to use them for new games/multi-media applications what purpose do they serve other than draining battery life?

    There still isn’t a game or application that comes close to stressing my Droid X’s processor, even with Android v2.1.

    I hope that new phones that use these chips will help push innovative content from developers, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

  25. I dont see a point to these new processors. 1ghz is good enough. These will waste battery.

  26. For those who think there is no need for a chip faster then 1Ghz, think again. As the phones become more powerful and memory becomes less expensive, this allows developers to develop more powerful and media rich applications, creating a much better user experience…bring on the dual core and quad core chips!

  27. I’d wait for a 10 ghz quantum core CPU with 100 mega pixelquantum xeon super hi def camera with 5″ organic quantum display with a resolution of 2180 x 1440 , it will have windows phone 8 , and will have dual os , it will support android 4.0 , you will able to choose which os to boot when turning on the will have a powerful projector
    . It will have 8 gb ram and 4 gb rom , and in built storage of 128 gb .super HD recording will be standard. It will be future proof . It can have three sims and 1 micro sim.also there will be front facing camera of 50 mega pixel. It will have 1 gigabit hyper fast Internet, supporting the latest standard iso 100 g networks. The battery will last one week , due to fact it will use hydrogen cells .
    The price will be very resonable £786 Inc vAt @ 30 %.
    The release date December 21st 2012

    Get in the que , pre order yours from

  28. Dual core CPU’s in mobiles would be great for youtube in HD, java apps like runescape or those laggy ass facebook games.. and it would make the whole android run much smoother, so it could support higher resolutions! anyways if u don’t care about these stuff, u might just go for 1GHz!

  29. Haa, who think here that samsung humingbird cortex A8 processor are better then qualcomm’s snapdragon. If we compare GPU they use , POWERVGX[samsung] still wins against old Adreno 200[qualcomm] but new Adrno 205 are almost equals it. So now comparing CPU performance , qualcomm is 3 times better then samsung..
    Check out this benchmark result of HTC desire HD[Qualcomm] vs Samsung Galaxy S[Hummingbird]. Samsung is far away in competition —->

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