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When the Google Developer Store sold out of Nexus One handsets back in August, many feared that their chance to get Google’s flagship phone was running out. Not so fast, as it looks like there is a limited supply back in stock for registered developers to purchase and test their wares on. Or to just purchase and use to taunt those non-developers who aren’t so privileged and lost their opportunity to buy an unlocked Nexus One from Google back when they shut down the general phone web store.

Whether or not this will become a trend, with stock fluctuating between sold out and limited supply for the foreseeable future, or if the days of the Nexus One being sold through the developer store are also numbered remains to be seen. You better hurry up and grab one if you can, because I suspect we will be following this post very shortly with another titled “Nexus One Sells out in Developer Store (Again).”

[via Nexus One Forum, thanks to Josh for sending this our way!]

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  1. Update: They’re sold out

  2. All I have to say is that after 9 months

    Nexus One FTW

  3. best android phone of all time

  4. long live the nexus :)

    if this proves anything, developers need a developer phone more than ever. i so hope google will come out with a Generation 2 Developer Phone.

  5. This is pretty much insane. Their last 10 days’ of “regular” stock lasted a couple of hours. Now they can’t keep up with the demand from developers.

    Google, what the eff are you doing?

  6. This should tell you something about how truly great this phone is.

  7. I think the Nexus One is the Generation 2 Dev phone… The G1 was the first Dev phone…

  8. I’m just super happy with my Nexus One, it IS amazing that this is still the phone to beat. I guess when 2.2 hit’s some of the newer devices, they’ll finally outperform the nexus, but what a great run they had with this phone. I’m really sad they abandoned their plans to free of us the phone companies and two-year contracts, but it looks like Samsung took the hint and made another phone that isn’t really exclusive to a carrier (although they did enough customization to allow the carriers to PRETEND they had exclusives.

    I sure hope it’s not Apple who is the first to deliver a single device that can be easily ported from carrier to carrier without losing any functionality when the carrier fails to deliver what the device owner needs.

  9. I almost sold my G1 and glad I didn’t because of the historical value it brought to Android. I think I’ll be hanging onto my N1 for the exact same reason when I finally upgrade to God only knows what will come out then. Since rooting and loading CM, this phone has been nothing but impressive, not that it was a slacker before. Best phone I’ve ever bought and I hope Zane above is right, and add that a G3 is in the realms of possibility of happening. The fan base is there.

  10. I just wish that I snagged a couple of spare batteries for $25 a pop when the store was still open :/

  11. The Nexus One is third generation of the developer phones:
    First – G1
    Second – Google Ion
    Third – Nexus One

  12. I’m curious to see what happens since the connection port of mine is going out and I need to send it in to HTC.

    There are several not so great things about how the Nexus One was sold.
    Here’s the frustration I’ve gone thru:

    Contacted Tmobile and told them I’m having hardware issues with my phone (phone won’t always charge when connected to charger or usb cable).

    Tmobile tells me that Google supports hardware issues and that they have live chat for this.

    Google does not have a live chat, and the help page tells me I must call HTC for hardware issues.

    Call HTC. HTC tells me that they will charge $529 to my creditcard and reimburse me if the problem is under warranty and they suspect no foul play. I’ll then be credited my $529 back.

    How irritating is this?!?!? If the phone was just on Tmobile or any other carrier I could just walk into the store and get it replaced.
    I guess it’s part of my own fault since I wanted such a flagship device.

    I digress.

  13. @Stephen I had to replace to lemon Nexus Ones and the whole process with HTC takes 1 to 2 days but it would be WAY better if I could walk in and out of a T-mobile store. I think they won’t sell another phone online but I still think they will offer the Nexus One’s successor through carriers, I hope.

  14. @stephen
    My connection port also became faulty. Overall I was very happy with the nexus one warranty execution. The new phone arrived in two days and then i sent the old one back. Remember they only place a hold of $529 on your card and not an actual charge. If there is nothing wrong, the charge never actually shows up. But since its a hold, dont provide a debit card.

  15. Give me the accessories!!!

  16. Doesn’t ship to Australia. Though the ADP1 did.

  17. Is the nexus ones sold out again as of september 8? I was going to pay the 25 dollar developer fee.

  18. Remind me again why Google shut down the web phone store?

  19. ‘Exclusivity’ is the key to success

  20. I think what this really shows is how badly the community really wants the manufacturers to offer a decent piece of hardware with stock Android installed on it only. Not all of the custom loaders, bloatware, bootlockers and other bs. Manufacturers pay attention!

  21. @drone46
    The manufacturers don’t care. They will give you what they want and you will like it. The carriers even more so.
    Google needs to stay in there and continue to provide an option where Android’s openness gets passed along to the user. It will probably always be expensive, so a lot of people won’t choose it. But that’s why a lot of people are interested in Android in the first place.
    Looking at the current options, there’s nothing that I would choose over my Nexus One. Eventually, I’ll want/need to replace it, and if there’s nothing else appealing, then what? Abandon Android?

  22. I’m assuming this is still the T-Mobile version and not the AT&T version? I’ve got a feeling that the AT&T version is gone forever…

  23. Does anyone know what kind of Nexus one is the one that has no HTC letters on it on the outside (only on the batter it says htc innovation), all it has is the picture of Android holding the flag on the back cover. Please email me at [email protected] if you know.


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