Motorola Tablet Headed to Verizon Will Emphasize TV Viewing


Rumors have been swirling around for a while now concerning what has become known as the Google Tablet. We first heard word that Google was developing a slate-style device earlier in the year. The next round of information hinted that Verizon was working closely with Google on the development of the tablet. Most recently information surfaced that Motorola was gearing up to launch a big-branded tablet this fall on Verizon’s network. Whether or not this tablet is the same initially mentioned by Google remains to be seen, but the fact remains that a truly competitive Android tablet from the combined efforts of Google, Verizon, and Motorola is on the way.


What’s more, reports are now in that this same tablet will feature television playback heavily. The TV service portion is purportedly being handled by Verizon’s FiOS digital cable service, which Motorola provides the set-top boxes for. Will the flavor of Android built for this tablet feature more Google TV-like features? Will the tablet be geared towards directly interfacing with Google TV equipment? If I had to guess, and if Google and it’s manufacturing partners want to make a truly competitive tablet while simultaneously bolstering the value of Google TV, I would say we almost definitely will see this sort of integration.

The tablet will also feature at least Android 2.2 (but rumors are that it will actually feature Android 3.0), a 10-inch screen, and dual cameras for video conferencing and capturing high quality video. If you have been holding out on an Android tablet to knock one out of the park, you might wait it out and see what develops as more information on Motorola’s DroidPad surfaces.

[via Financial Times]

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  1. All for only a kagillion dollars or on a contract I’m sure. If this can come in competitively priced off contract it will be good. Otherwise it will be like the netbooks carriers offered, a few people will get them but there won’t be a mass appeal.

  2. If they can market this like the ipad it could be huge. A good tablet for the rest of the world. I would be interested if they could get the price right…

  3. Once again Motorola sucking some Verizon c©¢k. Moto better give other carriers better stuff unlike the junk Tmo and att have

  4. Wait…seriously?
    So I can watch TV on my fios via wifi (and keep all the fios TV lineup)?
    I may need to get one, and ditch the idea of canceling fios if that’s the case. I may not subscribe to the idea of reading a magazine on ipad while I make doo doo….I can totally see myself watching a game while being productive.

  5. cant wait. This could be the droid tablet we are looking for

  6. I realise it’s not the single most important thing in the world, but I like it when articles contain correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    ‘If I had to guess, and if Google and it’s manufacturing partners’ should read ‘If I had to guess, and if Google and its manufacturing partners’
    After all, it’s is short for it is. Google and it is manufacturing partners?

    I realise that you likely write several articles a day and that the odd mistake does happen, but if you’re being paid to write these things, they should be of consistently-high quality, with only the odd mistake here and there.

  7. Don’t forget to throw in LTE! Motorola DOES LTE.

    FWIW, this story broke on CNBC’s Fast Money, and all the analysts said “Wow, now THAT would be a true iPad killer.” I’ve never heard any analyst say any device was an i-fill-in-the-blank killer.

  8. Bring it Moto, Google, Verizon!!!

  9. WOW..looks awesome…i wasnt impressed with the ipad as it just is like a huge itouch….lets see if this will.

  10. I agree that it will be a great thing if the cost is right, even without a contract.

    BTW, thanks for the English lesson, Khalid.

  11. Thought I read the king Android pad was coming from HTC. Will hold out until that is clear. Otherwise– I am down for one of these.

  12. They will need to price this aggressively to swoon the potential buyers away from the fruit based pad.

  13. Very nice.. I think I could do this.. the I pad was ok but didn’t offer much. I don’t think it will take much to kill the iPad. Not big on the whole Doos thing only because I don’t have fios. Other than that good look.

  14. @Eddie, do yo think Moto is holding back? TMO and AT&T have got to want better stuff. Carriers determine what phones they carry, not the manufacturers.

  15. Of course this was going to happen. Verizon doesn’t want to be another dumb pipe. Android gives them the flexibility to have services such as fios TV on your tablet or using your phone as a credit card (it would be great if I could use one as a metrocard so that I can see how much I have on it).
    And remember all those countries such as Japan that already have TV and paying with their featurephones? Those phone OEM’s/carriers will keep those localized features when they switch to android and nobody will be interested in an iPhone anymore.

  16. TV this is what they are offering? TV? LOL! It’s dead already, I can watch TV on my 62 inch TV, or watch it in the hotel room when traveling. TV? This is it? LOL!

  17. A tablet on T-Mobile with HSPA capabilities would be most excellent. T-Mobile launched Android with the G1, why not having the first Google tablet?

  18. I would like to see Google launch a tablet on T-Mobile that had HSPA capabilities. They started with the G1 on T-Mobile, make another great move and take advantage of a network that can deliver some real speed.

  19. @ Eddie lmao! Good one I couldn’t agree more. But this seems like it will be an awesome tablet and ipad killer!

  20. I want I want! I am not a verizon person so i would probably just buy the tablet and do wifi tether off my phone :P

  21. even though i want this on t-mobile, i think moto+verizon+google will deliver. it has done a great job on all the droid lines so i cant wait to see.

  22. I bet it will have a USB port too!

  23. Looks great Im still interested in the Notion Ink Adam its pretty sweet!

  24. Just the fact that it’s on Verizon and has all the specs means it will pwn

  25. I hope I see a GSM version!!!

    I yes I hope this brings too GOOGLE TV

  26. @khalid Too bad that you want to pick on someone over an apostrophe error but can’t spell realize the right way!

  27. I really hope they dont continue the “Pad” meme, its just going to make it look generic

  28. Here’s hoping… Let’s see this thing sporting Gingerbread and launch alongside LTE… fully incorporate FIOS and Google TV and you have a true whatever-pad killer. Maybe even an hdmi port and how about some usb functionality while we’re at it. I want a white one, can you wave the activation fee?

  29. And it should be called the Moto Tab

  30. This is exactly what i’ve been waiting for. And if they integrate it heavily with google tv i’ll get two, one for home, and one in the dash of my car haha

  31. Does anyone know the latest on Verizon’s threat to eliminate unlimited wireless broadband from their Android products?

  32. I’m really only interested in the Google TV aspect of this project. There’s nothing on an iPad [including Netflix] lucrative enough to get me to consider purchase, and though i have a lot of fun with Android, having it on my phone is enough.

    I guess an in-store demo and a longer list of advantages over what i have access to otherwise would be a good start in swaying me.

  33. I REALLY hope they release a wifi only version and one with a data plan from verizon (unlimited)

  34. just love the occasional totally off-topic spelling discussion. hacktually, from a linguistic point of view, it’s quite logical to put the apostrophe in like kevin did, as a generic genetive marker. ‘errors’ usually lead the way toward spelling reform. as a non-native i keep forgetting whether towards or toward is the correct form in AmEng so please excuse me if i took the wrong one. i believe the Brits prefer realise over realize so that’s also a matter of taste/dialect. last, if i understand Khalid’s line of reasoning correctly, Rob should give Kevin a raise in order to get better spelling. How’s that?

  35. But why does the carriers keep bringin out these cheap, crappy, slow, broken down ass phones. They should got an idea that nobody want that shxt so ditch it. The T-Mobile president lucky i dont have his numba cuz i woulda said “Would u buy this piece of shxt that u sale in your” “No” then dont bring this bxtch OUT!!
    SAME FOR AT&T!!!!

  36. I hope its not just a US only thing.

  37. this thing looks great, verizon is the perfect partner to go with because they promote android the best with their creative marketing. The ipad is amazing so hopefully this will be better

  38. @ Ron. Realize is the American way of spelling it, Realise is the English way. Both are acceptable to me…

    @ khalid. This kind constructive criticism is a good thing. You can forgive people on the comments for grammatical/spelling errors, but the main article should be grammatically correct imo.

  39. My sp3ll1ng is WAACKKKK… can u underst4nd wht i is saying?

  40. You’ll probably need fios before they’ll sell you one. No fios in my area…..

  41. @Alan, I could not agree more. When I see an article published with poor spelling and grammar, I cannot help but wonder if the same lack of care that went into the writing is also reflected in the accuracy of the content. Writing style and grammar reflect on the writer.

  42. @ pie-eater… Toward/Towards seems to be Am/Eng versions of the same thing, so use whatever sounds right to you!

  43. Ugh I hate carrier tied pieces of shit. I don’t want an iPad and it’s shitty hardware but I want a tablet running android froyo (possibly gingerbread) that can do better than just te atom N450 @1.66 ghz. The wetab and the Adam look great, but with the htc glacier coming out I want a poweful tablet too. Like an intel moorestown @ 1.9 ghz or a Tegra 2 or something! This could be go along with the rumored 2 ghz moto phone. Any one have any advice about what tablet I should wait for?

  44. Alan…most educated idiots think spelling is the most important “gear” in the works, I say U can overlook most spelling errors and move on the the topic and it`s content


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