Motorola Milestone XT720 and BackFlip Launch in India


More and more Android smartphones are heading to or being announced for the Indian market. Today comes word that the Motorola Milestone XT720 and Motorola BackFlip will both be available, though both will see some steep pricing. The BackFlip is naturally the lower priced of the two, coming in at 22,990 INR (about $499) for a device running Android 1.5 and little hope for any sort of update to a newer version of the OS.


The Milestone XT720 will priced at 34,990 INR (about $759), and for the higher price you are definitely getting more than the BackFlip but maybe not enough for such a large price tag. Android 2.1, a 3.7-inch screen, and an 8MP camera with 720p video recording are just some of the things packed into the XT720, which should be landing in the US soon (or you can pick it up right now unlocked at NewEgg).

[via UnwiredView]

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